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  • Ge-update
  • 30/08/2010

With its 120Hz for a screen refresh rate, LG’s W63D provides the best, most realistic Full HD 3D experience while practically eliminating viewer dizziness

Seoul, August 30, 2010 – LG Electronics Business Solutions (LG), a perfect solutions partner for businesses and individuals, today released its new 3D monitor, the W63D. Developed specifically for game play, the W63D boasts superlative picture quality with the greatest depth in 3D images, while causing practically no dizziness.

3d W63 monitor“Today, entertainment media is booming and 3D is at the center of this trend. With its excellent picture quality and the best 3D images of any monitor yet, the W63D promises to set the standard for all 3D computer entertainment,” said Brian Kwon, Vice President of LG Business Solutions Company. “Through LG’s high technology and innovative development processes, the W63D will provide the most vivid platform for 3D games and movies.”

Full HD 3D, Less Dizziness
The W63D, the fruit of LG’s innovative development processes, provides full HD resolution, a huge contrast ratio of 70,000:1, and 120Hz for a screen refresh rate of 120 per second. Thanks to these features, the W63D delivers images as sharp and clear as those on LCD TVs, with full HD resolution that is twice the resolution of regular HD.

In addition, when playing high-speed 3D games on a typical monitor, gamers have been known to experience dizziness, an effect of the “crosstalk,” or blurred edges, that can sometimes appear on 3D images. The W63D uses a data processing speed of 172Hz per second to greatly reduce ghosting, making it possible to watch vivid, realistic 3D images for long periods with virtually no dizziness.

Altogether, thanks to crystal clear 3D pictures that produce practically no viewer dizziness, the W63D is the perfect platform for watching 3D movies in full HD format.

The Ultimate in 3D
Besides its exemplary picture quality, the W63D is optimized for 3D viewing in other ways too. With a picture specially tuned to maximize the depth of 3D images, the W63D automatically displays the optimum brightness for viewing the screen through 3D glasses. Of course, for other content, users can also adjust brightness to suit their own preference.

To complement the ultimate in 3D pictures, the W63D also packs the best in 3D sound. Equipped with SRS Tru-surround HD optimized for 3D contents, the W63D’s sound seems to emanate from the images onscreen, rather than the speakers. By optimizing the bass, the W63D also delivers clarity at high frequencies and clear vocal sounds, while different sound settings for earphones and speakers ensure the ultimate listening experience in any mode.

Gaming Monitor for Users’ Convenience
Versatile and convenient, the W63D delivers images that are just as exceptional in 2D as they are in 3D. In particular, with its 2D Thru mode gamers can see the action in real time, letting them respond immediately rather than have to wait for several frames. When playing games, W63D users can also spice things up with Tru-Light, an optional lighting function similar to the equalizer system on audio devices. Used only in specific high-action situations, Tru-light makes the action fizz, for an even more gripping experience.