LG NanoCell AI ThinQ (Logo Type) Real Colour

Creates Real Colour

LG NanoCell technology produces realistic colour by applying nanoparticles to filter
[unwanted light wavelenghts] and enhance the purity of red and green colours on the screen.
It delivers a stunning visual experience.

TV is floating over purple background. There is a crystal on the screen.

How to Create
Real Colour

Nanoparticles filter and refine red and green colours
to reproduce exceptionally realistic images.

  1. Real Colours

Nanoparticles Filter Colours

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Real Colours
Now in Real 8K

Real colours, when combined with 8K resolution, take picture quality to the next level.
To get a proper sense of realism from 8K*, each of the 33 million pixels must be descerned
individually from the next pixel. LG NanoCell exceeds the CTA’s definition for 8K TV**.

Nanocell TV is hanging on the wall. You can see the landscape scenery on the screen.

*Native 8K content is limited and is required for full 8K resolution effect
**CTA (Consumer Technology Association) : A standard and trade organisation representing more than 2,200 consumer technology companies in the United States. CTA certification is given to a product that complies with the CTA's 8K Ultra HD specifications.

α9 Gen 3 AI Processor 8K

Next Gen Intelligence

The α9 Gen3 AI Processor 8K* uses deep-learning
algorithms to analyse on-screen content and deliver
a more immersive experience with enhanced picture and sound.
Adjustments are automatic to make every viewing a spectacular one.

*Available on NANO99 and NANO95 models.

*Picture quality of upscaled content will vary depending on the resolution and quality of source content.

AI 8K Upscaling

Transform Your
Favourites into Near 8K

The Alpha 9 Gen3 AI Processor uses deep-learning
algorithms to upscale and enhance. Enjoy clear text,
plus images with detail and definition.*

  1. hevc, av1, vp9
  2. youtube, usb, streaming

1) With AV1 you can watch 8K videos on YouTube.com on the TV web browser. Support for HEVC and VP9 provide compatibility
for streaming contents and USB playback.
2) Streaming may require a software update after purchase. 8K content limited and availability may vary depending
on the service provide. 8K playback requires a high-bandwidth internet connection 50Mbps.

Built in Video Decoder

8K Codecs

HEVC, AV1, and VP9 1) codec support lets you
watch 8K videos from YouTube, USB,
or streaming.2).

Real Colour
on Your Wall

The optional wall mount* sits on your wall, blending with your space and creating the feeling of an art gallery.
With a minimal-gap wall mount and gallery mode, LG NanoCell fits on your wall like a piece of art,
giving your space a more sophisticated look.

A scene of lyrical natural on TV screen close to wall.

*It includes a TV stand. Slim wall mount bracket sold separately.

Real Colour
Honoured with major awards

  1. CES 2020 Innovation Awards logo
    CES 2020
    Innovation Awards


  2. twice picks logo
    "An impressive contrast ratio
    and a wide viewing angle."


  3. reddot award 2020 winner logo
    Red Dot Design Award
    2020 Winner


LG NanoCell Lineup

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nano80 image



Display Technology Real Colours
by NanoCell Technology
Real Colours
by NanoCell Technology
Real Colours
by NanoCell Technology
Real Colours
by NanoCell Technology
Real Colours
by NanoCell Technology
Resolution Real 8K
(7,680 x 4,320)
Real 8K
(7,680 x 4,320)
Real 4K
(3,840 x 2,160)
Real 4K
(3,840 x 2,160)
Real 4K
(3,840 x 2,160)
AI Processor α9 Gen3
AI Processor 8K
α9 Gen3
AI Processor 8K
α7 Gen3
AI Processor 4K
α7 Gen3
AI Processor 4K
Quad Core
Design Gallery Design /
Nano Bezel
Nano Bezel Nano Bezel Nano Bezel Nano Bezel

See How Real Colours in Real 8K
Enhance Your TV Experience

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