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I want to connect smart TV and PC with WI-DI.

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  • Last Updated 01/07/2016

I want to connect smart TV and PC with WI-DI.


Wi-Di stands for 'Wireless Display' and refers to intel based screen sharing.
This is realized only at intel-based laptop and has similar effect to HDMI cable connection.

 How to fix

- TV setting
① 2012~2013 smart TV
Smart → Setting → Network → Miracast / Intel WIDI : ON

② After 2014 smart TV    
Home → Screen share ( application list at the bottom of screen)

- Laptop setting 
With WI-DI program    

Run intel Wi-Di software →Choose TV name from [Connectable adapter]→ [Connect] →Request to connect from laptop ->Check PIN code on TV screen -> Enter PIN code into laptop
For Windows 8.1

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