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Detergent / Additive Usage

  • How to Install and Operate
  • Detergent/Additive Usage
  • Operation
  • Dishwashers
  • Last Updated 16/05/2018

SUBJECT : Adding Detergent to the Dispenser





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■ Remove the label on the dispenser prior to running the appliance for the first time. 

■ The amount of detergent needed depends on the cycle, load size, and soil level of dishes. 

 Put detergent into the detergent compartment before starting any cycle, except the Rinse

 Fill to over the 25 line for hard water or heavily soiled loads. 


 Fill to the 15 line for soft water or lightly soiled loads.




 How to add Detergent to the Dispenser


 1. Push the button on the dispenser lid to open the cover.

2. Add dishwashing detergent to the  main wash compartment until the level  is between the lines marked 15 and 25. 

3. Push the detergent lid to slide  the lid closed until it clicks
4. If a prewash is desired, fill the  recessed prewash compartment  area on the lid with detergent.

  Caution: To avoid damaging the appliance, do not pull up on the dispenser to close the appliance door. 


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