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[Flash] Dryer - Understanding Sensor Dry (2018 Update)

  • Not Heating/Not Drying
  • Not Drying/Long Dry Time
  • cs-product-help_Training Material
  • Washing Machines & Dryers
  • Last Updated 15/03/2019

Sensor Dry

  -. Sensor dry cycles utilize LG’s unique dual sensor system to detect and compare the moisture level in clothes and in the air and adjust

the drying time as needed to ensure superior results. The dryer automatically sets the dryness level and temperature at the recommended

setting for each cycle. The estimated time reaming will be shown in the display.


Manual(Time) Dry

  -. Use manual dry cycles to select a specific amount of drying time and a drying temperature. When a manual dry cycle is selected, the

     estimated Time, remaining display shows the actual time remaining in your cycle. You can change the actual time in the cycle by pressing

     More Time or Less Time Button.

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