Centrifugal Heat Pump

LG Centrifugal Heat Pump is a unique and economical solution that utilizes unused energy as its heat source.
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  • Aerial view showcases a sewage plant with a green area to the left, and slightly overlapping, an industrial site to the right.

    Applicable for Various Sites

    Hot water production is possible at various sites such as industrial site and sewage treatment plant. Specialized solution is provided to offer stable and efficient operation even under harsh conditions.

  • Bar graphs for LNG, Bunker C, and Heat Pump are displayed from left to right. The Heat Pump graph is highlighted in red, indicating its energy-saving rate.

    Economical Energy Saving System

    With Centrifugal Heat Pump, 70% of the operational cost and 80% of the greenhouse gas emission can be saved in comparison to fossil fuels.

  • A detailed operation view of a centrifugal chiller, where the inlet guide vane expands the operating range and averts stall from discharged gas.

    Variable Diffuser

    Provides wider operation range at a low-load condition, and prevents stall from discharge gas for stable operation.

  • Graph plots part-load efficiency on the x-axis and kW/Rt on the y-axis. Red two-stage line shows lower energy usage than blue single-stage.

    Stable Operation

    Excellent partial load system can save cost and maximize energy even when the loads are very light.