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  • Updated
  • 15/09/2010

Taking healthy living to new heights, the new LG Health+ Refrigerator comes with features as Green Plasma, door cooling systems, green ions and Vitamin Plus.

Epitomizing LG’s commitment to healthier kitchens and customers, Green Plasma – the world’s first plasma technology in a refrigerator – enables a sterilization function that works in tandem with a cool airflow and extracts from Green Catechins. In addition, an innovative three-way ventilation cooling system – on the door, sides and back – ensures an even temperature inside the fridge, which is particularly helpful in keeping preserved foods fresh. The ventilator also circulates extracts of Green Catechin tea leaves, which help remove bacteria and odors from food, while vaporized vitamins dispensed by the Vitamin Plus function slow down the aging of fruits and vegetables.

Green Plasma, Greater Hygiene

Chief among LG’s new health-conscious features is the enhanced sterilization offered by the fridge’s Green Plasma kit, the world’s first green plasma technology on a refrigerator. By releasing ions into the fridge’s interior, the kit works in tandem with extracts from Green Catechins to eliminate bacteria and remove odors.

In addition, LG's Green Plasma can extract up to 2 million anions (measured from 16cm away), an amount similar to that found at Niagara Falls, which is renowned for its air quality. Producing the kind of fresh air people can only find in dense forests or waterfalls, anions prevent the spread of harmful microbes, purify the air and enhance cell activation that keeps food fresher for longer. In recognition of its healthful effects, LG’s Green Plasma Technology has been certified by the Japan Food Research Laboratory (JNRL).

Door Cooling, More Freshness


With cool air flowing from three directions of the door, the back and the sides, LG’s new fridge equalizes the temperature and freshness throughout the whole unit, for faster and more even cooling. While some refrigerators vent cold air through the side walls, only LG has developed a system to make air flow from the front door as well, by circulating it through the door. LG’s new fridge with Ion Door Cooling system keeps strawberries stay fresh for up to 2.5 times longer than those stored in normal cooling systems.

Green Ion, More Dedorization

The fridge’s healthful properties are further enhanced by its green ions, which combine with the Green Catechin-filtered air to create a lasting, natural freshness, while reducing mold, micro bacteria and unpleasant odors inside the fridge. A natural antibiotic with certain anti-aging properties, Green Catechin has been shown to be effective in helping slow down the spoiling of fresh foods.

Vitamin Plus, Fresher for Longer

LG’s Vitamin Plus feature helps consumers maintain a balanced and nutritious diet, by making it easier to keep foods farm-fresh. The feature works by generating vitamin C, a well-known anti-oxidant, helping preserve their freshness and moisture. Effective and practical, the Vitamin Plus function has a lifespan of between eight and nine years, and helps fruit and vegetables retain up to 1.7 times more vitamin C than if they were stored in a conventional fridge.

Moist Balance Crisper™, Better Preservation

The Moist Balance Crisper™ is a specially textured cover with a grid pattern that holds moisture and prevents water from dripping onto food (in most crispers, water forms on the underside of the shelf above). By allowing a precise amount of water to condense while the rest evaporates, the Moist Balance Crisper™ increases relative humidity by more than 20 percent compared with conventional crispers, the ideal humidity level for produce to thrive.

Electronic Control

Compared with the regular “on-off” systems of mechanical control, LG’s Electronic Control offers accurate and convenient temperature control and lower energy consumption. With just a simple click on the exterior controller, consumers can operate every function of the freezer and the refrigerator compartment.

Chic and Cheerful

While packing in this array of health-conscious features, the new LG refrigerator makes no compromises when it comes to design. A control panel on the door gives the fridges a sleek finish that fits seamlessly into almost any kitchen environment. In addition, LG’s signature glass-etched flower patterns ensure that the fridge is as easy on the eye as it is healthy, reliable and practical.