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What should I put as a password when connecting to a speaker using Bluetooth?

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What should I put as a password when connecting to a speaker using Bluetooth?


symptom  Symptom

- Verification process when connecting to the smart audio using Bluetooth

- Applicable models: NP8340, NP8540, NP8740, NP8350, LAS650M, LAS750M, LAS950M


how to fix  How to fix

Our product does not ask for a password when connecting to Bluetooth.

Contact the company that made the Bluetooth module you purchased.


How to connect to Bluetooth from your smart device.

1. Before starting Bluetooth pairing, check if the Bluetooth settings of the smart device are ON.

2. Set the speaker to Bluetooth mode. The Bluetooth status LED will blink in white.

3. Start pairing with a Bluetooth enabled device. When searching is complete, it will show a list of devices it can pair with.

4. From the list, select a device name written on the users manual to start the connection between desired devices.

5. If the Bluetooth status LED stops blinking and stays in white color, it means that the speaker has been connected to the Bluetooth enabled device.

6. Play the music on the device.


How to connect to Bluetooth from your PC.  (If you have a Bluetooth function on your PC)

Before connecting to Bluetooth, make sure that the Bluetooth settings on your PC is on.

In [Control Panel]> [Hardware and Sound] > [Devices and Printer] > [Add a Device] > select [LG Music Flow XX(xx)] > [Next] > the speaker is added on the device display.

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