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Veb sajt LG.com koristi dizajn sa brzim odazivom koji nudi prijatno iskustvo i prilagođava se veličini ekrana vašeg uređaja. Da biste na najbolji mogući način doživeli veb sajt LG.COM, pratite sledeća uputstva.

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Femme Fatale’ seduces OVER 1,200 PartyGoers with an Evening of Intrigue

  • Updated
  • 2009 05. 01

<p align="left">Media Release<br>


    <strong>‘Femme Fatale’ seduces OVER 1,200 PartyGoers with <br>


      an Evening of Intrigue</strong><br>


  <strong><em>LG Innovators’ Ball raises more than  $350,000 for the Ontario  Science Centre’s community access and outreach initiatives<br>




  <strong>TORONTO</strong><strong>, ON</strong><strong> – May 1, 2009</strong> – Last night, the Ontario Science Centre went ‘undercover’ with  its third annual LG Innovators’ Ball. Immersing party guests in an atmosphere  of glamour and mystery, <strong><em>‘Femme Fatale: An Evening of Intrigue’ </em></strong>was  inspired by the new exhibition <em>The  Science of Spying, </em>which challenges visitors to learn whether they have  what it takes to be a spy. <br><br>


  Honorary co-chairs  Ben Mulroney and Jessica Brownstein led the unforgettable evening that revolved  around the fascinating world of international espionage. They were joined by  over 1,200 of Canada’s style makers and influencers including event emcee,  Seamus O’Regan, Jessi Cruikshank and Dan Levy, co-hosts of The Hills Aftershow,  Mark Cohon, Chair of the Science Centre’s Board of Trustees and Commissioner of  the CFL, Aileen Carroll, Ontario Minister of Culture, William Cho, President  & CEO, LG Electronics Canada, Joseph Natale, Executive Vice-President &  President Business Solutions, TELUS, Andrea Hopson, Vice President, Canada, Tiffany  & Co., Galen G. Weston, Executive Chairman, Loblaw Companies Limited as  well as TV hosts Sarah Richardson and Monika Schnarre.  <br><br>


  "We're thrilled  that in just three short years this event has earned a significant place on the  city's event calendar," said Mark Cohon. “Our guests were absolutely  captivated by an evening of intrigue set against the Science Centre’s fantastic  new exhibition. More importantly, the funds raised will ensure more members of our community have  access to the wonder, excitement, and inspiration of science.”<br><br>


  The stylish partygoers  were dazzled by an evening that inspired all the senses; dinner guests savoured  the culinary wonders of internationally acclaimed Chef Susur Lee, enjoyed an assortment of creative cocktails,  and a scintillating performance by jazz sensation Cara Matthews. Rounding out  the evening with legendary DJ Scratch, party guests discovered  if they had ‘what it takes to be a spy’ with an exclusive tour of The Science  of Spying exhibition, and then danced through  the night at what could only be described as the most intriguing event of the  year. <br><br>


  The gala  was made possible through the efforts of countless individuals and  organizations including event chair Amoryn  Engel and committee members Amanda Blakely, Marcello Cabezas, Tony  Cohen, Mark Cohon, Suzanne Cohon, Michael Cooper, Ashleigh Dempster, Jason  Dehni, Mitch Frazer, Michael Geddes, Ann Layton, Deborah Lewis, Gail O’Brien,  Stephen Tapp, Jacquelyn West, Alexandra Weston, Victoria Zigelman and OSC staff.<br><br>


  “Two thousand and nine is an important year for the Science  Centre as we celebrate our 40th anniversary,” said Lesley Lewis, CEO  of the Ontario Science Centre. “We are deeply grateful to the committee for  their tireless efforts and for the generosity of our sponsors, corporate leaders and  guests who made it possible to build on the success of the last two years and celebrate  with such a remarkable event.”<br><br>


  In its best year ever, the LG Innovators’ Ball raised over $350,000  in net proceeds to support the Ontario Science Centre’s community access and  outreach initiatives, which help keep programs affordable and accessible to all  members of the community.  <br> <br>


  “We are very proud to have been a part of this amazing  evening and cause for the Ontario Science Centre. And it’s only the beginning  for us.” said William Cho, CEO and President of LG Canada, “As title sponsor  for three years we’re looking forward to helping raise the profile and success  of the LG Innovators’ Ball.”<br> <br>


  <u>About Our  Sponsors</u><br>


  The LG  Innovators’ Ball was supported by title sponsor LG Electronics Canada.  Other sponsors included TELUS for the Cocktail Reception,  Jewellery Sponsor Tiffany & Co; Audi Canada  was Automotive Sponsor; CTV was the Television Sponsor; and Auction Sponsor was  Air Canada.  Plus support from an event dream team that  included Chef Susur Lee, Sequel Event Catering, Humber College’s  Centre of Culinary Arts & Science, Solutions with Impact and Mark J. Mooney  & Associates.<br> <br>


  Other  event supporters included Camitz, Chairman Mills, CJ Graphics, Cointreau,  Cosabella, Glenmorangie, Hello, Hennessy, Lime Advertising, Moet & Chandon,  Olympic Limousine, Pepsi Bottling Group, Seven Star Limousine, Shops at Don  Mills, Starbucks Coffee Canada, Steam Whistle, the Bay, The Kirkwood Group,  Yellow Tail and YSL.<br> <br>


  <u>About The Science of Spying</u><br>


  <em>The Science of Spying</em> exhibition offers curious young minds  and intrigued adults a unique, entertaining and educational insight into the  mysterious and daring world of modern-day espionage<em>.</em> Running from Apr. 9 to Sept. 7 2009, the interactive exhibitionasks, ‘Do you have what it takes to be  a spy?’ and tests each visitor’s ability to crack codes, gather information,  and use the technologies of real-life spies as they embark on an undercover  mission. The exhibition is part of the Ontario Science Centre’s 40th  anniversary line-up.</p>


<p><u>About  the Ontario  Science Centre</u><br> <br>

  The  Ontario Science Centre opened on September 26, 1969, pioneering the concept of  an interactive science museum. Since then, well over 40 million visitors have  passed through its doors. The centre is a model for over 1,000 science centres  around the world that have been built since its inception. <br>


  The  Ontario Science Centre uses science as the lens to inspire and actively engage  people in new ways of seeing, understanding and thinking about themselves and  the world. The Ontario Science Centre is an agency of the Government of  Ontario.<br>




<p><strong>For more  information or photos please contact: </strong></p>

<p>Christine  Crosbie, Media Relations Officer                <br>

    <a href="mailto:ellen.flowers@osc.on.ca">christine.crosbie@osc.on.ca</a> Tel.:  416-696-3191</p>


<p>Tricia Soltys, Narrative Advocacy Media<br>

    <a href="mailto:Tricia.soltys@narrativeadvocacy.com">Tricia.soltys@narrativeadvocacy.com</a>, 416-922-2211  x 3278 </p>

<p> </p>