Da biste imali pravi utisak o našem veb sajtu LG.com, morate da koristite drugi pregledač ili da nadogradite Internet Explorer na noviju verziju (IE9 ili noviji).

Veb sajt LG.com koristi dizajn sa brzim odazivom koji nudi prijatno iskustvo i prilagođava se veličini ekrana vašeg uređaja. Da biste na najbolji mogući način doživeli veb sajt LG.COM, pratite sledeća uputstva.

Ako koristite Internet Explorer 8 ili stariji, moraćete da koristite drugi pregledač kao što je Firefox ili Chrome ili da nadogradite Internet Explorer na noviju verziju (IE9 ili noviji).

Ako koristite Internet Explorer 9 i noviji, isključite opciju „Postavke prikaza kompatibilnosti“ u pregledaču Internet Explorer prateći sledeće korake:

  • Kliknite desnim tasterom miša na vrhu pregledača i proverite da li je odabrana opcija „Traka sa menijima“
  • Izaberite opciju „Alatke“ na traci sa menijima, a zatim izaberite „Postavke prikaza kompatibilnosti“
  • U iskačućem meniju opozovite izbor u sva tri polja i kliknite na „Zatvori“
  • Prozor pregledača će se automatski osvežiti i bićete spremni
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LG Electronics Canada asks Canadians to ‘Show Us Their Set’ as part of new TV promotion, launching at Super Bowl XLI

  • Updated
  • 2007 01. 29

<b>LG Electronics Canada asks Canadians to ‘Show Us Their Set’ as part of new TV promotion, launching at Super Bowl XLI </b><br>


<i>New contest and ad campaign seeks to upgrade TVs across Canada</i><br><Br>



<b>MISSISSAUGA, Jan. 29, 2007</b> --- LG Electronics Canada is debuting a new TV commercial on this year’s Super Bowl broadcast (Sunday, February 4th) as part of a new promotional campaign, encouraging Canadians to ‘Show Us Their Set’. For a sneak preview of this advertisement, please visit <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcMSooFqQ88" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcMSooFqQ88</a>.<br><br>



The “Show Us Your Set” promotion is an interactive online photo contest that will collect images of Canadians’ “sets” nationwide, as submitted through entries at <a href="http://www.lg.ca/yourset" target="_blank">www.lg.ca/yourset</a>.  The “sets” may include their out-of-date television set or a “set” of some other kind—entrants are encouraged to use their imaginations when entering!  <br><Br>



“What better time to get people talking about TVs than the Super Bowl, one of the biggest TV events of the year,” says Andrew Barrett, VP of marketing for LG Electronics Canada. “This is the first time that LG Electronics Canada has debuted a TV commercial during the Super Bowl and it’s a perfect match. The Super Bowl exemplifies the fun and excitement of a great TV experience, and these are the type of moments that LG wants to bring to Canadian homes. In short, life’s good when you have the perfect LG home theatre system.”



The ‘Show Us Your Set’ TV campaign has been built in partnership with Brand Buzz, a division of Young & Rubicam, and is part of the like-minded “Complete Your Set” retail promotion that will be hitting Canadian retail stores to coincide with the TV campaign. The promotion will offer consumers a complementary up-converting DVD player with the purchase of every LG 60-inch plasma television set.



The “Show Us Your Set” online contest will run from Monday February 5, 2007 through Sunday March 18, 2007 at <a href="http://www.lg.ca/yourset" target="_blank">www.lg.ca/yourset</a>. To enter the contest, entrants must upload an image of their “set” and provide a short explanation of why they need or deserve a new home theatre system. All entries will be judged on need and creativity and the winner will be awarded a new LG 60-inch plasma television set and home theatre system.




<b>About LG Electronics, Inc.</b><br><br>



LG Electronics, Inc. was established in 1958. The company is a major global force in electronics and information and communications products, with more than 72,000 employees working in 77 overseas subsidiaries and marketing units around the world. With annual total revenues of more than US $35 billion (non-consolidated), LG Electronics comprises four main business companies: Digital Display, Digital Media, Digital Appliance, Telecommunication Equipment & Handset. For more information please visit <a href="http://ca.lge.com">www.lg.ca</a>.<br><Br>



<b>For additional information for LG, please contact:</b><br><br>


<a href="mailto:cgordon@highroad.com">Cameron Gordon</a><br>

High Road Communications


<a href="mailto:cgordon@highroad.com">cgordon@highroad.com</a><br><Br>



<a href="mailto:beller@highroad.com">Brenna Eller</a><br>

High Road Communications


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