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[Washing Machine]IE error occurs-Water is not supplied or the water pressure is low.

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  • Last Updated 03/02/2015
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1. 'IE' message occurs when water is not properly supplied. 2. Check if the faucets are closed, water is cut off or the water hose is frozen. If this isn’t the case, check if the water pressure is weak. 3. If the water pressure is normal, check if the water supply filter connected to the washer is clogged. 4. Turn off the faucets. The cold water inlet hose is connected to the blue hose and the hot water inlet hose to the red hose. 5. Check the color of the Inlet hoses connected to the valves of the washer. And disconnect the hoses from the water supply valves by turning them to the left. 6. Remove the filter from the water supply valve using a tool such as a pliers on the filter handle which is located inside the water supply valve. 7. Once you've removed the filter from the water supply valve, clean the filter with a small brush (a toothbrush will work) and reassemble it in the valve. 8. Make sure to replace the filter in the valve. Using the washing machine without the inlet filters, will cause leaks and malfunction. It will also cause a problem in the water supply valve. 9. Connect the detached Inlet hoses to the water supply valves on the washer.

IE error occurs-Water is not supplied or the water pressure is low.
(Front Loading Washer, Top Loading Washer)

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