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How do I use DMB?

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  • Last Updated 04/16/2016

You can watch your preferred TV or radio program using terrestrial DBM as described below.

How to Use

1. First, put on wired earphones that play the role of an antenna to watch DMB.

2. Run DMB (TV) App > Search channels > Select a desired channel, and watch or

listen to your preferred program.

3. Available menus include Search, Screen aspect ratio, Auto off and Brightness.


·As the signal is received from the broadcasting station, reception may not be good or reception can fail, if there is a high-rise building or mountain between the station and reception place, or the terrestrial relay station is not installed, located under the ground, inside the building, or shadow area. In this case, move to another place.

·The screen may temporarily freeze in non-reception areas.

·If the broadcasting zone or service area has been changed, search channels again.

·Sensitivity can be poor, if used while the charger is connected.

·Watching a broadcasted program drains the battery fast.

·The broadcasting company has the copyright over the file recorded or captured while watching DMB, and is protected by related laws.

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