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Useful Information of Ice Making on SXS Refrigerator

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  • Last Updated 10/18/2012

We would like to share SXS fridge ice maker useful information

 1. If the unit is newly installed, it takes about 12 hours for a newly installed refrigerator to make ice in the freezer compartment.

2)      2. The ice maker can automatically make 8 / 6 pieces of ice  cubes at one time depends on model.

3)      3. It takes about 2 – 3 hours to form one tray of ice . Approximate 80 pieces per day.  

4)      4. However these quantities may vary according to certain condition, like the duration and amount of times the refrigerator door is opened.

5)      5. The unit is fridge but not  icemaker amchine that's the reason the ice making process is slower than icemaker machine.

6)      6. The ice making proceeds ceases automatically when the ice storage bin is full.

7)      7. If you choose not to use the automatic ice  making function, repositioned the ice maker selection switch to the off position or the on position for reselection. Note: The manual selection function is only applicable to some models only.

8)      8. It is normal that a noise is produced when ice made is dropped into the ice storage bin.

9)      9. If the ice is not used frequently, it may lump together.

10   10. When ice is lumped together, take the ice lumps out of the ice storage bin, break them into small pieces and then place them into the ice storage bin again.

11   11. When the ice maker produces too small or lumped together ice , the amount of water supplied to the ice maker need to adjusted. Contact service centre for support

12   12. In case there is a power failure, the ice in ice storage bin may melt and the melt water may flow to the freezer compartment. Take the ice storage bin out and discard all the ice, dry it and the freezer compartment. Then replace back to ice storage bin.

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