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Display Issue - No Display, Slow and Stop

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  • Business Display, TVs
  • Last Updated 09/19/2012

Troubleshooting on Display Issue


Detail Symtom Self-diagnosis
Question Answer
No display  Both display and sound do not work?  Check the connection of power code
Unplug power cord and plug it again
If letter appears on screen when turn the power Off/ On or change the channel, press VIDEO 1 or 2 button
No display  Nothing is displayed but there is sound  Function can be wrongly set. Please check its brigthness
[To check]
Change the brightness of image 
Display ON and stops Diplay and stop displaying when moving product? (moving to left/right) This can be cause by wrong connection. Please check the power cord in the back and antenna cable
Display too slowly when changing channel Does the TV display slowly when change to digital channel? For digital program, some pause will occur to eliminate video noise
Screen is too dark  Does sleep mode work? Please check the setting of video mode When TV is set to movie mode (THX) it is automatically adjusted to less brighter screen mode. 
Screen (subtitle) is cut off or reduced Subtitle in the bottom is cut off? Check if the screen size is set to 'Zoom' 

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