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Was your battery used even when you did not use the phone?

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  • Last Updated 06/15/2016

Some basic apps are memory-resident applications and may consume battery even when they are not in active operation.

(e.g. Navigation app)

You can save up the battery usage by turn off unused features.


• Delete the apps individually or all at once in recent apps before turning off the screen.

• Turning on Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi functions only when you use them will reduce battery consumption.

• Routine automatic synchronization (e.g. Wi-Fi Zone/home/dawn) can consume battery if the auto-sync function is set On.

Routine automatic synchronization feature can be turned off by drag down the notification panel.

• In areas with low antenna strength (shadow area), the phone will use more power to communicate since it assumes that the base station is further away and thus consumes battery more quickly.

• Using the power saver helps save battery.
 - Select Settings> Select 'General' tab> Battery & power saving> Turn on the Battery saver.

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