Multi V 5

Harness the air con system that boasts not only sustainability, but an intelligent heating technology and biomimetic fan design that powers efficient operation.
  • MULTI V_5_LG.com_Mobile_07-1_Ultimate_Inverter_Compressor_1488375744819

    Smart Oil Return

    Oil sensor runs oil recovery operation only if necessary to increase compressor efficiency.

  • MULTI V_5_LG.com_Mobile_07-2_Ultimate_Inverter_Compressor_1488375752976

    Vapor Injection

    Two-stage compression effect provides efficient heating operation in low temperature conditions.

  • MULTI V_5_LG.com_Mobile_07-3_Ultimate_Inverter_Compressor_1488375761514


    HiPOR (High Pressure Oil Return) minimises energy loss with direct oil return

  • MULTI V_5_LG.com_PC_09-1_Large_Capacity_Outdoor_Unit_1488389194066

    Increased Air Flow Rate

    Extended shroud provides higher heat exchanging capacity to increase air flow rate.

  • MULTI V_5_LG.com_PC_09-2_Large_Capacity_Outdoor_Unit_1488389245991

    4-sided Heat Exchanger

    4-sided heat exchanger improves heat transfer up to 20 percent which eventually enhances capacity and performace.