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Tech Story

4K TV vs HD TV – what’s the difference?

4K and HD are common terms when looking for a new TV. We explain the differences between them to help you decide on the right TV for your living room.

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Best TVs for movies

Love movie nights at home? Recreate the cinema by choosing the right TV. From Dolby Atmos® audio to advanced screen technology, our guide reveals the features that matter for movies…

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Dynasties with David Attenborough | LG

David Attenborough brought us the genre-defining Planet Earth series and the culture-changing Blue Planet II, now David Attenborough is back with perhaps his most ambitious project yet.

Brand Story

The Nations League: explained | LG

UEFA’s new international competition, the Nations League, is sure to shake things up on the world footballing stage. Some of the world’s finest players are battling it out for supremacy – and qualification for the upcoming Euro 2020 competition.

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