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The LG dual display allows you do multi-task with ease, so you can get the most our of your 5G phone | More at LG MAGAZINE

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MWC 2019: Nine mobile features to get excited about

LG shows off range of hot new technologies at Mobile World Congress 2019, include 3D face scanning, Hand ID, and 5G networking.

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LG AI Orchestra | LG

LG speakers star in ‘world-first’ AI orchestra 25 LG speakers have starred in a world-first orchestra using artificial intelligence to play a pre-recorded symphony through voice control.

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Summer season speakers | LG

Portable and powerful speakers for the summer season Whatever the weather, keep the tunes coming this summer with LG’s new range of portable speakers. Cutting-edge audio tech in a compact form - the XBOOM Go speakers are designed to get the best out of every beat.

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Soundbar Buyer’s Guide

At LG we make two types of soundbar, with several models in each rage. Learn which is right for you and find answers to soundbar-related questions in our buying guide…

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