LG is stepping up its artificial intelligence game at this year’s IFA – Europe’s biggest consumer tech show. The 2019 line-up is everything tech should be: smart, powerful and beautiful. Here’s the latest from IFA 2019 in Berlin. See how the future will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

LG Future Talk

How do you think the future will look with AI? LG made some interesting predictions at their Future Talk. With representatives from Telefónica’s Alpha, Qualcomm and the International Forum Design, discussions centered around how AI can help make our lives better. The talk covered topics like trust in technology, autonomous cars, and the advantages machines have over humans.

LG conducted a Future Talk at IFA 2019, bringing together experts in the field of AI to discuss what we think will happen in the future | More at LG MAGAZINE
LG ThinQ Fit

Simply a concept product for now, LG ThinQ Fit could save hours of time-consuming shopping and buying clothes online only to realise they don’t fit perfectly. You can create an avatar on a display screen, and then try on clothes virtually – even using a heat map to decipher where the clothing fits and where it doesn’t. When you find something you like, you can simply order it online. And then, carry your virtual closet around with you thanks to LG’s ThinQ mobile lineup. 

An AI expert tests out the new concept product LG Fit, designed to help you select clothes that fit you and take the time out of shopping | More at LG MAGAZINE
InstaView ThinQ

Never wonder, “What’s in the fridge?” again. Use the smartphone app and check inside your LG InstaView ThinQ from anywhere. This fridge comes packed with features like Amazon Alexa, a hidden LG Bluetooth speaker, and even games. There’s plenty to keep you entertained while dinner is cooking.

LG Furniture Concept Appliances

The LG Furniture Concept Appliances line takes every day appliances and turns them into sleek furniture. Like a TV that slides out to reveal a hidden bookcase. LG Furniture Concept Appliances strike the perfect balance between art and technology. And we all know perfect relationships are hard to find.

The LG Objet TV was on show within LG's ThinQ Home at IFA 2019 - the screen can be slid to reveal a handy cupboard for all your favourite items | More at LG MAGAZINE
Washing machines

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t do laundry. But if we must, the washing machine should be fast, quiet, and choose the settings for us. (No one understands those weird shirt tag symbols anyway!) LG’s ThinQ Washer line is quiet enough for even the baby’s room. It senses your clothing material and chooses the best setting automatically. Plus, a full wash cycle only takes 39 minutes. Just long enough for another episode of your favorite show…

The LG AI Washing Machine and Dryer were on show at IFA 2019, with smart functions that choose the best washing cycle for your clothes | More at LG MAGAZINE
CLOi Home

LG impressed audiences last year with CLOi Home – the impossibly cute robot assistant. Now it’s back with even more helpful features.

CLOi was on show once more at IFA 2019, with the cute little robot displaying the blinking function | More at LG MAGAZINE
OLED Falls

As always, OLED brings nature to life in curvy, spectacular color. This year’s IFA visitors are surrounded by the forest, ocean, and even floating lanterns. And even though the display is breathtaking in person, you can still get a taste here.

PuriCare Mini Air Purifier

Imagine taking clean air with you everywhere. Now you can with LG’s Puricare Mini Air Purifier. It packs everything you love about an LG air purifier into a tiny, portable package.

LG SIGNATURE Air Conditioner

They say you can’t do everything. Well, LG SIGNATURE’s new air conditioner proves that wrong. It’s a heater, cooler, purifier, humidifier, and dehumidifier – all in one. And it’s easy on the eyes.

ArtCOOL Air Conditioner

Go one step even further with your air conditioner and turn it into a work of art. The efficient LG ArtCOOL air conditioner is so compact, it can be disguised as part of your décor. 

The LG ARTCOOL Air Conditioner is as stunning as it is functional | More at LG MAGAZINE

There you have it. What’s your favorite from IFA this year so far? Tell us using the hashtag LGxIFA2019.

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