A life filled with luxury and stunning artistic expressions all around; it sounds like the perfect dream. And LG SIGNATURE turned this into reality at ARTWEEK 2018, with design pioneer Alessandro Mendini choosing interiors and artwork to match the appliance collection.

Mendini chose four artists, as well as a selection of chairs from upmarket furniture brand Cassina, to feature within the realm of LG SIGNATURE – all with the common goal of creating comfortable, elegant and compact living spaces that inspire.

Missed out on the chance to attend? Take a tour with us of the eight lounge concepts on show at LG SIGNATURE ARTWEEK.

Refrigerator + Antropus chair

The first living space you will come across at LG SIGNATURE ARTWEEK is the flagship Refrigerator, coupled with the Antropus chair, by Marc Zanuso for Cassina. With an internal steel frame and elastic straps, Antropus was designed for one of the first comedies to be performed at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, Italy – The Skin of Our Teeth (or La Famiglia Antropus in Italian) – in the 1940s. The chair remains iconic and functional today and its experimentation with different materials and bringing together of science and art makes it the perfect partner for the LG SIGNATURE refrigerator.

The LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator + Antopus chair, on show at LG SIGNATURE ARTWEEK
Daniel Buren’s Of the Colour of the Matter + Alessandro Mendini’s Clarabella

A mixture of geometric patterns and changing perspectives; Clarabella and Of the Colour of the Matter complement each other in a way that encapsulates the essence of LG SIGNATURE’s search for what makes life special.

Mendini’s Clarabella takes on geometric themes with smooth surfaces, featuring exciting splashes of colour and patterns throughout. It expresses his mission to redesign furniture like art; in this piece, a cupboard has been reimagined and turned into a piece which sets the imagination free and leads to unique and differing perspectives.

Meanwhile, Buren is a French conceptual artist known for his minimalist style. He brings together visual surfaces with architectural space through repeated and contrasting coloured stripes.

The painted wood and brass in Of the Colour of the Matter bring order to the somewhat chaotic Clarabella, and the neutral hues contrast to create calm amongst the excitement of Clarabella’s fantasy world. The stripes give a timeless feel to the lounge area and holds true to Buren’s signature style.

Daniel Buren’s Of the Colour of the Matter and Alessandro Mendini’s Clarabella - all on show at LG SIGNATURE ARTWEEK
Air Purifier + Tre Pezzi chair

LG SIGNATURE’s Air Purifier is best known for its timeless style and innovative functionality, and the Tre Pezzi chair by Franco Albini also brings together these core concepts. The circular and geometric formation of the Tre Pezzi, with three levels representing half circles and moons, follows a similar style to the Air Purifier, with simplicity and comfort integrated into the design. The chair dates back to 1959 but is still modern and relevant today, with a clean and minimalist style that will be treasured in living spaces for years to come.

The LG SIGNATURE air purifier with Franco Albini's Tre Pezzi chair, on show at LG SIGNATURE ARTWEEK
Alessandro Mendini’s Untitled + Gerrit Thomas Rietveld’s Red/Blue chair

Mendini’s Untitled takes inspiration from geometric shapes to create an abstract vision that invites the viewer to draw their own conclusions. The painting mixes colours within the interior design and artistic world, and can be adjusted to any angle, summarising Mendini’s mantra that painting is a form of self-expression that can take on endless perspectives.

The Red/Blue chair alongside Untitled, by Dutch designer Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, is also minimalistic, having been designed specifically as a structural art piece. It was an iconic design in the Dutch artistic movement De Stijl, which simplified visual compositions to horizontal and vertical and used only black, white and primary colours. From different perspectives the chair creates an elegant silhouette and the contrasting colours and more abstract form partner it well with Untitled.

Alessandro Mendini’s Untitled artwork sits behind Gerrit Thomas Rietveld’s Red/Blue chair at LG SIGNATURE ARTWEEK
LG SIGNATURE washer and dryer + Alessandro Mendini’s Dodici Colonne (12 columns)

Dodici Colonne were created for the Superego design studio, which has collaborated with important designers worldwide over the last 15 years. The collection is the protagonist of the ‘designer toy movement’, and showcases the idea that while people are different on the outside, at their core they are all the same.

The 12 columns – with two on show at ARTWEEK – use the same three colours but interchange to show the meeting of differences and likenesses.

This piece is coupled with the LG SIGNATURE Washer and newly-introduced Dryer. The simplicity of the design forms a connection between appliance and art, with the Washer and Dryer becoming a central point within the living space rather than hidden.

The LG SIGNATURE washer and dryer alongside Alessandro Mendini’s Dodici Colonne (12 columns), on show at LG SIGNATURE ARTWEEK
Anish Kapoor’s Untitled + Gerrit Thomas Rietveld’s Utrecht XL chair

One of the highlights of this exhibition has no doubt been Kapoor’s visual illusion artwork. Standing far away from Untitled, you can see yourself upside down, and the closer you get, the more the perspective – in terms of both sight and sound – changes around you. The piece encourages the viewer to question their own perspective and see the world differently.

Rietveld’s chair both contrasts and matches the artwork through dark red stitching and turquoise material. It was initially produced as a mass-market item, but is now a high-end designer piece. The size is also larger than its first production in 1935 to fit larger and taller bodies. In a sense, the perspective of Utrecht XL has also changed, much like the underlying themes of Untitled.

Anish Kapoor’s Without Title and Gerrit T. Rietveld’s Sessel Utrecht XL chair
LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W8 + Le Corbusier’s LC4 chaise lounge

While many of the chairs on show at ARTWEEK boast geometric shapes, the LC4 chaise lounge focuses more on relaxation and luxury. Made with leather cowhide and a chrome frame, it is the ultimate accessory for the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W8.

The chair was created in 1928 to balance out ergonomic excellence with elegance, and puts the comfort of the user at the forefront. It was the combined effort of Le Corbusier, his cousin Pierre Jeanneret and architect Charlotte Perriand.

The OLED TV W8 is designed with the most impressive aesthetic attributes – the TV measures at 2.7mm wide, not much more than the width of a credit card – and comes equipped with innovative features – matching it nicely with a chair that combines all these elements.

With a TV that fits on the wall like a piece of art, the viewer simply needs maximum comfort and functionality to enjoy it.

The LG SIGNATURE Wallpaper TV and Franco Albini’s LC4 chaise lounge, on show at LG SIGNATURE ARTWEEK
LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar and Bottom-Mounted Freezer + Carla Accardi’s Ricomposte Tinte (recomposed dyes)

Accardi, originally from Sicily, played a huge role in the Italian art community and beyond until her passing in 2014. Her works came to involve colour and brighter tones in the mid-1960s, mixing joyous notes with strict patterns. She experimented with different materials and three dimensional art throughout her life, establishing herself as unparalleled in the realm of reinvention.

Her contribution to LG SIGNATURE ARTWEEK, Ricomposte Tinte, is from 1997. The vinyl material on canvas represents her exploration into different environments, with a geometric and sharp approach contrasting with curved shapes.

The distinct materials and styles are reflected in the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar and Bottom-Mounted Freezer, which are designed to blend in with a minimalist background while displaying astonishing beauty that stands out. The innovative knock-on door in door function and automatic opening door come together seamlessly with Accardi’s works, which often experimented with forward-thinking ideas.

The LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar and Bottom-Mounted Freezer are on show at LG SIGNATURE ARTWEEK alongside Carla Carla Accardi’s Ricomposte Tinte artwork

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