The fastest selling gadgets in history, smartphones have become a must have accessory all around the world. Much more than simply a phone, they became hugely popular thanks to the connectivity they provide, from browsing social media pages to instant messaging.

With smartphones evolving even further to become pocket-sized computers, people’s needs have changed. Now a mobile phone requires a camera that rivals an expensive DLSR, a high-resolution screen and it must be versatile so an owner can use it to watch videos, play games, read books or simply browse the internet.

However, multi-tasking on a single screen can be difficult and the viewing experience, whether it’s a film, YouTube video or mobile game, can often be frustrating. That is why the LG G8X ThinQ features two 6.4” screens. This allows two apps to be fully used without any transition, so you can stream a movie on one screen and browse the internet at the same time on the other.

In fact, this dual screen opens up a world of possibilities. You can detach the second screen when you need a lighter model, or attach it when you’re looking for a larger viewing point. The screens can operate separately like two browsers, or together to create a laptop-like viewing experience.

Along with great functionality, it is also thinner and much more affordable than foldable smartphones. After getting a hands on experience with the phone at its official European launch at IFA 2019, below are just 10 ways to get the most from the LG G8X ThinQ.

1. Ultimate gaming

For those who love to game on the go, smartphones can be frustrating as the lack of separate controller leads to your hands blocking the screen. To resolve this issue, the G8X ThinQ makes full use of its dual screen.

While the game can be enjoyed on the full 6.4” screen, the secondary display can be used as a game pad with four different setups for first person shooters, racing, action and sports. It can also be used with all games that support Bluetooth Controllers, while Game Pads with dedicated buttons and menus will be available for a variety of popular games.

2. Video surfing 

Watching a product review and want to compares prices at the same time? Easy, simply use one screen to watch the video and use the other to search what you are looking for. This cuts out the hassle of stopping the video when you switch apps and means your viewing experience is never interrupted.

3. Always music 

Whether it’s listening to music while playing a mobile game, browsing social media or chatting with friends, it can be frustrating having to switch between apps to find your favourite song.

Thanks to the dual phone screen on the G8X ThinQ, you can put the playlist on the cover display and change the song whenever you want, without ever having to exit your current screen. The LG smartphone also offers high-quality stereo sound that is truly immersive thanks to the audio being provided by specialists Meridian.

4. Take the best shot

Taking the perfect photo is never easy and more often than not it can take several attempts to get the right shot. The G8X ThinQ camera itself is jampacked with functions that allow you to get really creative with your photos and videos; the 4K time lapse means you capture every detail of your quick moving videos. AI action shots minimise photo blur by automatically adjusting the settings to create the best shot. And the wide-angle camera just got even better, with a 136-degree field of view so you can get the whole shot with nothing left out.

And the dual screen also makes things easier when you’re trying to get the perfect shot. The Triple Preview function shows three full-size previews of each photo taken with normal, wide and tele angle lenses. This makes choosing the best shot much easier as you can preview it in full size on the secondary screen. And the main screen displays the camera while the second screen shows the image that was just taken.

With the LG G8X you can check documents and information while looking at videos or emails - making multitasking a breeze | More at LG MAGAZINE
5. Work smart

With smartphones now operating like portable computers, many choose to conduct their work while on their mobile. However, navigating between apps can be difficult and most people just revert to sending simple emails.

With the G8X ThinQ, the dual screens make it much easier to multitask. You can work on a document on one screen while researching data using the other. In a similar fashion, you could be using instant messaging to chat with colleagues while at the same time accessing vital information through email or via the web.

Don't worry about losing your shopping list with the LG G8X ThinQ, with two screens ensuring you've got both the list and featured product open | More at LG MAGAZINE
6. Instant shopping 

With the rise of the influencer, online shopping has become more prevalent. Now there are hundreds of channels dedicated to every interest, while social media stars highlight the very best products.

Thanks to the dual screen on the G8X ThinQ, users can watch a review on one screen and compare prices on another. This seamless shopping experience is made possible as you don’t have to navigate away from an Instagram page or YouTube video, instead simultaneously browsing items while viewing your favourite content.

7. Simple view  

With smartphones also operating as cameras, it is all too easy to end up with thousands of images which never get shared. It can be tiresome to search through a gallery of tiny thumbnails to find the right image.

This has been addressed by LG as the new dual screen smartphone features Extended View. This allows you to view a list of thumbnails on one screen, while looking at a full image on the other screen. Ideal for those with busy social media pages, there is also the option to apply a filter on one image and then see the original for a side-by-side comparison on the two screens.

8. Seamless conversations 

Whether in a group chat with friends or exchanging messages with colleagues, it is inevitable that a chat box will pop up at the hardest part of your game or in the crucial part of a video you are watching.

With the G8X ThinQ this won’t bother you in the slightest as the dual screen allows users to watch YouTube or play a mobile game using one 6.4” screen while using the other solely for online conversations. There is even the ability to share game related information and videos in real-time without having to navigate away from that application.

WIth the LG G8X ThinQ you can chat while you watch videos, making multitasking a breeze | More at LG MAGAZINE
9. Never miss a live stream  

While platforms such as Twitch and YouTube have made live streaming hugely popular, the problem when viewing from a mobile phone is that the stream must be closed or minimised if you wish to use other apps.

This problem can be easily combated with the LG G8X ThinQ as one screen can be used for the live stream while the other can be used for accessing social media, surfing the web or any other function you desire. This way you’ll never miss an important moment.

10. Instant capture

Sending screenshots has been made easy on the G8X ThinQ thanks to the introduction of a dedicated Quick Capture button. This way you can easily let friends know your location or share information without having to navigate between multiple applications.

Instead, take a screenshot of one display and immediately send or share it by opening the relevant app on the secondary screen. This way you can capture, alter and send an image all without switching apps.

Life's good!