Signage design has evolved. It’s time to break free from boring, static rectangles. Choose ultra-bright and lightweight LG OLED displays for signage that turns heads. Here’s some digital inspiration:

Harrods goes vertical

LG teamed up with world-famous Harrods, showcasing two 55” vertically-combined LG OLED displays in the show window for an interactive experience. 

Milan goes transparent

Transparent LG OLED displays stole the show at Milan Design Week. With 38% transparency, signage doesn’t compete with products for attention. It’s the seamless, elegant retail choice. 

LG's transparent OLED signage was on display at Milan Design Week | More at LG MAGAZINE
Incheon goes huge

South Korea’s Incheon Airport boasts the largest LG OLED displays in the world. OLED pixels emit light without backlighting, making these 140 curved LG OLED panels surprisingly lightweight.

LG's OLED displays have been a hit in airports and shopping centres the world over | More at LG MAGAZINE
India goes circular

Delhi’s largest shopping center displays LG OLED in dazzling 360 degrees. The custom panels give shoppers the perfect view from every angle.

IFA and CES go all in

Give customers a jaw-dropping experience like LG did in recent tech conferences. LG OLED panels are so flexible, there are endless ways to combine them.

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