There are some must-have beach items you couldn’t imagine leaving behind on a seaside trip. Sunscreen and sunnies for safety, your favourite hat and a new summer swimsuit are all constant companions for any beach trip. But your list doesn’t have to stop there.

Going beyond the basics could get you the award for best beach buddy. Be super prepared with a brimming beach bag and your friends and family will worship you - or at least get you an ice cream. With these extra items on your beach vacation packing list, you’ll be hailed as the most thoughtful beach-goer.

Stave off hunger with energising snacks

The worst time to get the munchies has to be when you’ve just settled into your claimed spot on the beach. You don’t want to get up and search for food, and the nearest shop could be ages away. Packing a plethora of snacks is the way to go. Take snacks that are filling and easy to eat, like fruit, cereal bars, veggies and dips. Pack a cooler and you can keep some cold ones and stay well-hydrated.

The image of energy bars for essential items of summer holiday
Capture intelligent photos with your G7ThinQ camera

The beach is the perfect place for creating some summer memories. Get your snaps Instagram-ready with the LG G7ThinQ and its AI Cam. You don’t have time to play with camera settings when you’re trying to capture your best beach moments. The G7ThinQ camera automatically adjusts light and style for you by detecting what type of photo you want to take. There’s no fuss or fiddling, so you can get on with snapping those lazy, hazy beach days. Also, there is no need to worry if you accidentally spill some water on your phone, with a water resistant level of up to 1.5 metres. The G7ThinQ definitely belongs in your beach essentials.

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Take a tripod for hands-free photos

You can take perfect photos is a split second with your G7ThinQ, but what if you want to go hands-free? Include a tripod in your beach accessories so you can join in with the action. Use Google Voice Assistant to tell the AI Cam to get your photo for you, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Sample photo of people taking a jump shot with Google voice assistant of LG G7 ThinQ
Be a beach legend with a bottle opener

There’s only one true hero on the beach: it’s the person with the bottle opener. It’s an item that everyone inevitably forgets, and you then have to find a quick hack to get into your drinks. It’s such a simple tool to have, but so useful to put on your beach packing list. Clip one to your keyring or drop one in your beach bag to save the day.

Plasters for disasters

No one wants injuries on the beach, but with bare feet and sharp rocks, it can be hard to avoid. Take a pack of plasters for any accidents, and check that they’re waterproof for salt water protection. A couple of other first aid items might be handy too, such as antiseptic wipes.

Turn up the music with a PK3 XBOOM Go portable speaker

It’s not summer without your summer tunes. Whether you like the latest chart topper or you’re a diehard death metal fan, a water resistance portable speaker lets you pump up your music at the beach. The LG PK3 Portable Speaker is light, compact and gives you sound worth celebrating. It’s also IPX7 water resistant, so you can enjoy clear vocals and enhanced bass from this small but powerful speaker by the water.

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A couple are enjoying summer holiday with LG PK3 portable speaker at the beach.
Bag it up before you go home

You want to avoid arriving at the beach looking like a pack mule (or a seaside donkey) but it’s important not to be underprepared too. Fill your beach bag with a couple of extra bags to be safe. Take one to put your wet beach things in so that you can keep your gadgets and everything else dry. It’s also handy to have one for rubbish. Remember to leave nothing but footprints.

LG is your best buddy on the beach

Enhance your beach experience this summer with LG. With an intelligent camera on your G7ThinQ phone and crystal clear sound from your PK3 speaker, you’ll be ready to have the most memorable beach days ever.

Life's good!