Evidence has suggested that summer puts an extra spring in our steps, and with long sunsets and warm nights come some legendary parties. But when you’re playing host, the stress of keeping everyone happy can take over the fun.

If you incorporate the following into your party planning checklist though, you will have every corner of your summer soiree covered. And the LG InstaView Door-in-Door™ Refrigerator will make the event one to remember.

Keep your punch simple

Some punches seem to require endless ingredients – and while they taste amazing, sometimes you just don’t have the time to chop up all that fruit and measure the ingredients perfectly on demand.

But if you keep the recipe simple, your guests will feel refreshed long into the early hours. For example, try this: take 6 lemons and a lime, cut in half and squeeze into a punchbowl. Add a bottle of sugar-free lemonade and then sugar to taste. Finally, add a large amount of ice and serve with berries for a pop of colour. Voila! A lovely punch that has taken minutes and can be easily topped up.

An image of LG Smart ThinQ app which can activate Express Freeze function of LG InstaView Door-in-Door™ in order to make a summer cocktail cool in short time.

InstaView tip: Keep your cocktails cool this summer with the InstaView ice maker, and should you run low, just activate the Express Freeze function on your LG Smart ThinQ app and get back to enjoying the party!

Focus on great finger food

Finger food has so many benefits that sit-down meals just can’t compete with; it can be prepared beforehand, and it can serve the early birds and latecomers equally. We’ve found a few options for great and easy finger foods that will leave your guests feeling like they’ve had a three-course meal – from cheese sticks covered in ham, to bruschetta with avocado and prawns, and even a cheeseboard with a twist.

InstaView tip: With items like cheese and meat, the InstaView utility box can store them at the perfect temperature so they’re at their best when guests arrive.

Keep drinks at the best temperature

For those who aren’t in the mood for punch, your fridge will play a leading role in keeping their drinks cold. Make sure the temperature is just right and set aside a space in a cool area so extra drinks won’t take long to hit the spot when the fridge needs restocking. And should you need to cool down drinks quickly, consider putting some ice your fridge shelf rather than going for the freezer – this way if you forget, your drink won’t end up frozen.

An image of LG Smart ThinQ app controlling the temperature of LG InstaView Door-in-Door™.

InstaView tip: This is where your knock-on door comes in handy! You can keep an eye on when it’s time to restock the fridge, without wasting the cold air inside. You can also set the temperature using your LG Smart ThinQ app if needed, so your drinks are even more refreshing.

The more the merrier

One of the benefits of hosting a party is the leftovers the next day. When you’re trying to calculate how much food to provide, remember that a little extra means ready-made-meals for the following week.

Girls are holding glasses of fruity summer punches.

InstaView tip: There’s even more reason to save leftovers with an InstaView, boasting 601 litres of space. That’s enough for more than a week’s worth.

Keep an eco-friendly mind

It can be really tempting, particularly when the guest list grows, to go for the disposable plates and cutlery option. But the impact that these have on the environment can be devastating. There are bio-degradable products on the market now, so consider these when using disposables. And you should always check how long they take to break down in your compost as an indicator of their environmental impact.

A person is showing knock-on-door to LG InstaView Door-in-Door™.

InstaView tip: You can be mindful of the environment with all things in your home, and the fridge is no exception. The InstaView has revolutionized the core of the refrigerator, providing up to 32% in energy savings, top-rate durability and optimal temperature control to keep food fresh for longer.

So have fun and celebrate summer with your InstaView!

Life’s Good!