LG’s monitors are continuously lauded for their gaming functionality. But how should you set up your monitor to get the absolutely best experience? At IFA 2019, LG created an epic game corner. Take a closer look below.

Your dream gaming monitor

It’s a gamer’s dream – and with the LG UltraGear 38GL950G you can experience the reality. It boasts a 21:9 UltraWide Nano IPS display with a 1ms response time. But the prized jewel is the atmospheric lighting behind the monitor –taking the whole experience further than just the monitor.

Virtually borderless design

With virtually borderless design, you can connect your monitors together to create this immersive experience, and the connecting borders will cause minimal disruption as you travel from one side of your gameplay to the other.

With the Skiller Sharkoon keyboard you can be sure every button you press is on target | More at LG MAGAZINE
Perfect seat for the perfect monitor

When you have an LG monitor, you need a state-of-the-art chair to match. The Skiller Gaming Chair can be adjusted in almost every way so you can set it to perfectly match your ergonomic needs. It’s large and comfortable, and can be reclined and locked at an angle from 90° to 160°.

LG's gaming monitors create the most immersive gaming experience, with lighting to match the scenes | More at LG MAGAZINE
A keyboard that offers great support

The keyboard is also an important part of getting your game moves right; and with a Sharkoon Skiller keyboard, you can be sure every button will get you closer to your target. It’s customizable, with 20 additional multimedia keys and 8 swappable gaming keys.

Sound to rival the on-screen experience

LG’s XBOOM line-up provides the perfect back-up sound when you’re mid-game. Meridian Sound collaborated with LG to create pitch-perfect speakers, and with added lighting effects, you can put them anywhere near your monitor.

The wall lighting and XBOOM speakers complete LG's epic gaming experience at IFA 2019 | More at LG MAGAZINE
Atmospheric lighting to complete the puzzle

You’ve got the perfect chair, keyboard and speakers to make your monitor experience completely immersive. Now you just need lighting to complete the setup. Thanks to atmospheric lighting syncing with your monitor back-light, your mission is accomplished.

Life's Good!