As Europe’s biggest tech trade fair returns to Berlin, IFA 2019 has once again proven to be the perfect platform for LG to showcase its newest entertainment offerings. Allowing visitors to gain some insight into the very latest technology, LG is showcasing its range of next-generation TVs that offer a truly immersive entertainment experience. 

There is also an opportunity for those in attendance to engross themselves in the ultimate cinema room and test out the remarkable sound from LG’s range of strikingly designed speakers. Here’s what’s on show and turning the most heads at the influential trade show. 

OLED technology 

Taking centre stage at LG’s IFA section was the broad range of products that utilise OLED technology – including numerous OLED TVs that are revolutionising the home entertainment experience. 

Once considered an expensive technology that was unlikely to hit the consumer market, OLED displays now lead the industry thanks to pixels that switch themselves on and off without needing a backlight. 

A sign of LG’s commitment to create the best technology that instantly delivers, this pioneering screen tech is combined with 4K, and in some instances, even 8K resolution in the latest OLED televisions.

Colours are also chosen from a palette of more than one billion and the screens are packed with over 8 million pixels, yet OLED TVs can be produced in incredibly light, thin designs that can be as slim as a pencil. This allows you to choose from flat and curved screens, as well as exceptionally slim picture-on-glass designs. 

Rollable TVs

An invention that was only possible thanks to OLED technology, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R is drawing plenty of admirers at IFA 2019. Delivering the wow factor, this Rollable TV not only delivers a cinematic viewing experience but features a beautiful design that is more like a work of art. 

Considered one of the most futuristic technologies in the ultra competitive world of televisions, the LG Rollable TVs change size at the touch of a button for optimal viewing. The screen can also be rolled up like a scroll and stored away in the minimalist box that perfectly blends in with the furniture, rather than being a bulky centre piece.


The next evolution in OLED TVs is finally on display for all to see as LG unveils the LG 8K OLED TV. Offering a viewing experience truly unlike any other, the incredible detail and clarity of image proved why 8K is set to dominate the entertainment industry. 

Offering an image composed of up to 33 million pixels and utilising OLED technology to create perfect blacks and vivid colours, viewers are able to see minute details that no other television can offer. 

The superior picture quality and mind-blowing colours demand attention at IFA 2019, and you are also able to see how the LG OLED 8K TV could become the hub of a smart home thanks to a collaboration with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. 

LG NanoCell 8K was on show at IFA and it almost didn't look real it was so stunning, showcasing the pure colours against a white background The LG XBOOM line up took centre stage at IFA once more in 2019, looking as good as they sounded | More at LG MAGAZINE
NanoCell technology

The very pinnacle of LED televisions is also being showcased through a range of LG NanoCell TVs. Providing one of the very best ways to watch everything from standard broadcast channels to the latest 4K movies and boxsets, the nanoparticles within the screen work to purify colours and therefore create more accurate and vibrant images. 

The LG NanoCell TVs also feature wide viewing angles, automatic picture settings that adjust to each individual film or TV show and supreme backlight control so every movie night will be atmospheric.

The ultimate cinema room 

Movie buffs are able to find inspiration at IFA 2019 thanks to the home cinema room created by LG. Showcasing how you can achieve incredible surround sound and immaculate images on huge projections, the space has been hugely successful with visitors to the show. 

The LG CineBeam Laser 4K HU85LA projector that allows for an image of up to 120 inches that remains clear and crisp. As well as an incredible picture through 8.3 million pixels, the setup included the LG SL10Y soundbar with two up-firing speakers and Dolby Atmos®. 

Elegantly designed, the LG soundbar creates powerful, moving audio that fills the room, from behind, to the side and even overhead, for a truly immersive experience. 

These are paired with the LG Furniture Concept Appliances refrigerator which features premium ash wood that provides a luxury look that would not be out of place at the most exclusive of private cinemas. 

Smart TVs getting even smarter

As smart TVs become the norm, LG want to make sure that you can enjoy the revolution no matter which brand is your preference. Both the NanoCell and OLED lineups allow you to connect with Apple Airplay and HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. On top of this, your smart TV will connect with other LG appliances in the home using ThinQ. Now that’s smart.

Surround sound

When it comes to home entertainment, ensuring you have the very best sound is equally as important as having the clearest picture. Whether it’s a soundbar with Dolby Atmos® or a stereo system that rivals the very best nightclubs, LG’s speaker range had every base covered. 

For those wanting to elevate the home movie experience there is a range of LG soundbars that are designed and developed to fill a room with perfect sound. Creating a fully immersive experience, LG Supreme Soudbars feature Dolby Atmos® and deliver sound that moves fully through the space around you. 

Those seeking a more portable sound system can discover the power of the LG XBOOM Go. Featuring a funky and playful design, with flashing lights that accurately sync to the beat of the music, LG teamed up with the world’s leading high-resolution audio brand, Meridian, to create a speaker that combines enhanced bass and clearer vocals to produce an exceptional listening experience. 

Also on display is the LG XBOOM which demands attention, especially among those who fancy themselves as emerging DJs. Featuring booming bass from the 1000-watt amplifier, the portable, heavy-duty, speaker has multi colour lighting woofers, a sample creator, DJ loop initiator and the ability for three different people to connect their devices via Bluetooth. 

Proving to be the ultimate party speaker, the push of one button removes all vocals from a track, allowing microphones to be connected to friends and family can become singing superstars for the night. 

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