How long does it take you to do your wash? Approximately an hour from wash to spin?  What if we told you that you could have a clean set of clothes before you finished your favourite show? From finding more time for yourself, your family and all the things you enjoy doing, to a fast and efficient wash, the LG TWINWash™ makes it all possible.

More often than not, the biggest issue people have with their washers is the time it takes to do a full wash. A typical rinse cycle would only allow for one or two loads a day. But the LG TWINWash™ makes it possible to cut this time in half while never compromising on the quality of cleanliness.

So how does the LG washer do it? Its TurboWash™* technology uses a combination of water circulation, filtration motion and a quick soaking jet spray, which reduces the washing time to just 49 minutes and executes a deeper clean while using less water and energy.

A cartoon animation showing how the LG TWINWash works

In addition to the above, another exciting feature of the LG TWINWash™ is the Speed Cycle. Need clean clothes in 14 minutes? That’s the cycle to choose – it’ll no doubt become your favourite mode when you’re in a rush.

LG uses innovative technology in their home appliances, and this washer is no different. Its inverter technology and Six Motion Direct Drive puts the LG TWINWash™ in the position of one of the best performing washing machines in the market. The inverter attaches directly to the drum and provides better control, power and stability, enabling six different washing motions that ensure every type of clothing ends up truly clean.

Depending on the washing mode you choose, the LG TWINWash™ picks the motion best suited for your garments. For example, it will use the right motions for ‘Gentle Care’ wash on baby clothes.  

All this technology might have led to a ruckus in the laundry room in the past, but with this model, the motor actually has fewer parts, making it not only more durable but also quieter.

There have probably been times when you’ve just switched on the washer, and suddenly remembered that all-important dress that needed to be washed and dried for Monday morning. With LG TWINWash™, you no longer have to wait for the load of laundry to finish before adding your forgotten piece of clothing. With the help of the useful ‘add item’ feature, no item is too big or small to be snuck into the running washer.

Buttons including turbo wash and add item on the LG TWINWash washing machine

The above-mentioned qualities definitely make for cutting-edge washing machine, but how does that impact the environment? The LG TWINWash™ dryer + washer model’s Eco Hybrid dryer gives you the option of using only hot air to dry your clothes, as opposed to the conventional method of using hot air and cold water. This water saving eco mode is also a great choice for those who are more environmentally inclined.

A cartoon animation describing the different modes for the drying method on the LG TWINWash washing machine

If you’d like to change your washing habits and reclaim a bit of your time, the LG TWINWash™ is the washing machine to go for.

Life’s good!

* Main Washer (Based on 12kg model ; Half Load 6kg) Tested by Intertek :

Cotton Cycle with TurboWash option is finished within 49 ± _5% minutes.