OLED TVs boast razor-thin designs and are renowned for depicting deep black colours – one of the most important considerations for TV picture quality.

What Hi-Fi? and TechRadar are among the leading publications to recognise the high performance and superior design quality of LG OLED TVs. Read on to explore the most prominent features of the 2018 range

How LG OLED creates Perfect Black

Perfect Black screen technology is at the heart of every LG OLED TV. This refers to the TV’s ability to produce deep black colours. These richer, darker shades are made possible because, unlike LED TVs, OLEDs do not need a backlight to create the picture.

Instead, an OLED TV screen is made up of self-emitting pixels that create their own light source and can switch off completely. This delivers the deepest, most authentic, black colours – think inky night skies, the dark reaches of deep space and shadowy cityscapes.

All LG OLED TVs also enjoy…

  • Voice control. Forget clicking and scrolling. LG OLED TVs are AI-enabled with LG ThinQ and Google Assistant. Use your voice to search Netflix or change the channel.
  • 4K resolution: Enjoy 4 times the detail of HD when watching Netflix, Prime Video, Sky or Blu-ray in 4K. Standard content is upscaled to near-4K quality.
  • HDR (high dynamic range). Bringing forth vivid colours as well as detail in the shadows, HDR shows movies the way the director intended. LG OLED TVs support most HDR formats, including Dolby Vision and HDR10.
  • Dolby Atmos®: Object-based audio technology brings vivid cinematic realism to your sofa – feel like sound is moving all around you.

Discover how the E8, C8 and B8 OLED TVs compare…

E8: Ultimate OLED for movie buffs and gamers

Whether playing the latest console games or watching an Oscar-winning movie, content looks its absolute best with the top-of-the-range E8. Using the gravity-defying Picture on Glass display, it blends the best in picture quality and processing with jaw-dropping design and Dolby Atmos® audio.

Available in: 55” or 65”

Key benefits

Picture on Glass. Winner of a Red Dot design award, the screen is so thin and light it can be bonded onto glass - creating the effect of images floating in mid-air.

Alpha 9 Processor. LG’s most powerful TV brain delivers sharper images with more accurate colours. Nosie reduction is twice as powerful as previous LG processors.  The most demanding games stay smooth, no blur.

Front-firing speaker. Get the best of the object-based Dolby Atmos® experience, with front-firing speakers that push sound towards and around you. Movies become truly cinematic.

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C8: Big screen OLED for movie magic

Action movies and fantasy adventures look their best on the big screen. The LG C8 puts the best of OLED technology and picture processing into a larger 77” display to bring the cinema or big match experience to your sofa.

Available in: 55” 65” and 77”

Key benefits

  • Alpha 9 Processor. LG’s most powerful TV brain delivers sharper images with more accurate colours. Nosie reduction is twice as powerful as previous LG processors. Enjoy fast-paced movies and football without blur. 
  • Picture on metal. Thinner than your phone, the LG C8 is engineered with the screen bonded to a single metal sheet. Elegant minimalism for modern homes.
  • 77” display option. The best picture quality deserves the big screen. See every inch of impressive depth and detail with movies and sport on the 77” C8 OLED

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B8: Your ideal first OLED TV

The B8 makes OLED TV more affordable. It’s an excellent way to begin your LG OLED journey, and boasts the [GS(1] as the flagship models so you can be sure you’re getting that authentic OLED experience.

Available in: 55” and 66”

Key benefits

  • Alpha 7 Processor. Colours are enhanced and image noise reduced with intelligent picture processing. Football and fast-paced movies are smooth and blur-free.
  • Elegant design: Complement your interior with the Alpine stand – a curved metal stand at the centre of the TV for a modern and minimalist finish.

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