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Soundbar Buyer’s Guide


At LG we make two types of soundbar, with several models in each rage. Learn which is right for you and find answers to soundbar-related questions in our buying guide…

What is a soundbar?

A soundbar is an external speaker that connects to your TV. Containing several speakers in one oblong box, it’s the simplest way to improve on your TV’s sound, less complicated than a set-up with separate speakers. 

Learn more about soundbars 

How do I choose a soundbar?

At LG, we create different soundbars for different purposes. The best soundbar will depend why you need it. Our soundbars are split into two ranges: 

  • Supreme: Our best-ever soundbars for bigger TVs
  • LG: Our everyday soundbars for smaller TVs

Each TV soundbar has individual features and technologies suited to certain TV screens, content and interests – for example gaming and movies. 

LG Supreme Soundbars

Our most powerful soundbars. The Supreme range is made for movie lovers, sports fanatics and music aficionados who want to experience the highest sound quality currently available.

The LG Supreme Soundbars are: 

  • LG SL10YG – for 65-inch TV
  • LG SL9YG – for 55-inch TV
  • LG SL8YG – for 49-inch  TV

Many of their features cannot be found in our standard soundbar range. These exclusives include: 

  • Dolby Atmos – recreates cinematic sound from the latest movies that flows all around you and is placed with precision – learn more about Dolby Atmos
  • Meridian Audio technology – every LG Supreme Soundbar is engineered by experts at Meridian and includes tech from the high-end audio pioneer – what is Meridian Audio?
  • Powerful audio: Supreme soundbars boast between 570W and 440W of power – and select models feature upward firing speakers to get the best from Dolby Atmos.
  • 192/24 Hi-Res Audio: Better-than-CD quality streaming with one of the highest Hi-Res Audio formats on select Supreme soundbars.

Explore the LG Supreme Soundbars range

LG soundbars

Our LG soundbars are ideal if you’re simply looking to boost the sound quality of your TV speakers. Each one can be the best soundbar for your TV as they’re packed with technology that allow you to create a home cinema setup with no additional speakers – and for a lower price.

LG Soundbars include: 

  • LG SL7YG – for 49-inch TV
  • LG SL6YG – for 49-inch TV
  • LG SL5YG – for 43-inch TV 

This TV soundbar range includes the below features to improve TV sound:

  • Hi-Res Audio (24/96) – better-than-CD quality music streaming with a slightly lower Hi-Res Audio format than our Supreme Soundbars.
  • DTS Virtual X: There’s no Dolby Atmos. Instead standard soundbars use another virtual surround sound tech called DTS Virtual X
  • Audio power: Standard soundbars boast between 300W and 420W power – the bigger your room the more power you’ll need. 

Seamless soundbar connectivity

All LG soundbars can connect to your streaming devices in several simple ways.

A single cable will hook up gamers, film buffs and sports fans to their screens within a home theatre or gaming zone. If you have a soundbar speaker in different rooms, it’s easy to play your favourite tracks from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Wireless connectivity adds practicality. What’s more, the versatile, lightweight designs make them easy to reposition for the optimum listening position – whether that’s underneath your TV, mounted on a wall, or in different rooms.

How to set up your LG Soundbar 

Get your new LG Soundbar set up in no time with the help of our handy YouTube videos How to configure your room for a soundbar and instructional guide how to set up your soundbar.

Frequently asked questions

Find out the answers to some of our customers' most commonly asked questions:

Which soundbar size do I need?

LG Soundbars come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s important to take measurements of your space and TV and use this to guide your search.

Large soundbars usually contain more drivers, and therefore produce a bigger sound, so these are the best soundbars to pair with large TVs.

As a general rule, try to match the length of your TV, to make sure the level of sound matches the quality of the screen picture.

LG soundbars are designed to exactly match the length of our TVs. Supreme Soundbars suit bigger TVs, while standard soundbars are suited to smaller TVs – with slight crossover. 

  • Supreme Soundbars: Range from 49-inch to 65-inch TVs
  • LG Soundbars: Range from 43-inch to 49-inch TVs

What’s the difference between the different audio connections?

We recommend using HDMI to connect a TV to your LG soundbar as part of a home cinema system.

HDMI cables can carry large amounts of audio data – so they can easily handle sound systems that are 5:1 (which traditionally means five speakers and one subwoofer), or more advanced experiences like Dolby Atmos. Optical cables can also cope with audio up to 5:1 surround sound.

If manoeuvrability matters, you can connect with Bluetooth – the most convenient wireless option for playing music from mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Does a subwoofer make a difference?

A soundbar with a subwoofer can fill your room with bass-heavy vibrations and hums that make your audio-visual experience more intense.

If you’re watching a movie, it’ll sound and feel like you’re in the scene. Even if you’re just listening to your favourite tracks, it’ll take a song to new spine–tingling heights. 

Subwoofers have a huge impact on the sound quality. They may be an external device, but they can be just as sleek and subtle as a soundbar.

Can I connect external speakers to my LG Soundbar?

LG’s entire 2019 soundbar range is configured to support our SPK8 - two rear wireless speakers.

Placed behind your armchair or sofa, rear wireless speakers complement your LG soundbar setup and raise your audio-visual experience to new heights.

Ready to choose the best soundbar to buy for you? Explore LG soundbars today.