Indulge in the newest boxsets, biggest cinema releases and the latest 4K Ultra HD content with Netflix and Amazon Prime – pre-loaded on all LG TVs*.

We’ve put together a simple guide to help you set up and start streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime on your LG TV.

*subscription package to Netflix and Amazon Prime not included with LG TVs

What’s on Netflix?

Netflix is a streaming service available on any internet-connected screen and offers unlimited TV shows, documentaries and movies. It also produces its own content, Netflix Originals, which are available exclusively on the platform – many of which in 4K Ultra HD.

As you watch, personalised recommendations suggest shows you might enjoy, based on your viewing history.

Here’s what to watch on Netflix:

Stranger Things 

This love letter to the 1980s thrilled worldwide audiences with its stellar cast, intense jump scares and haunting synth score. Centred on the events that shake up a small Southern US town following four boys’ discovery of a secret government lab, the third season of the cultural phenomenon premieres on Netflix in July.

Peaky Blinders

By order of the Peaky Blinders, don’t miss this tale of between-the-wars Britain as rival gangs struggle for control. Cillian Murphy stars as Thomas Shelby in the BBC worldwide smash, due to screen its fifth series later in 2019. The first four seasons are all available to stream now.

Making a Murderer 

Filmed over the course of 13 years, this documentary leads the ever-widening field of gritty true crime drama. Following the fortunes of two men convicted of a harrowing crime they may not have committed, this gripping thriller has fuelled water cooler moments all over the world in its two seasons to date.

How to get started

To start enjoying this incredible content, here’s how to set up Netflix on your TV:

  • Launch the Netflix app from the bottom navigation menu
  • Once loaded, create an account using the 30-day trial option. Alternatively, activate your LG TV as an authorised device
  • Sign in with your newly-created, or existing, login details
  • Search for your new favourite show using the Magic Remote

What’s on Amazon Prime Video?

Prime Video is an online streaming platform, which is packed to the brim with original programming – known as Prime Originals, several exclusive shows and some of the world’s biggest dramas, docuseries and comedies.

There’s also several Prime Video Channels available, which broadcast sports, Hollywood epics and documentaries, including Eurosport Player and the Discovery Channel.

Here’s what to watch on Amazon Prime:


Renegade LAPD detective Harry Bosch bursts from the books onto the screen, with five thrilling seasons of cop drama available now. Michael Connelly’s best-selling detective novels have breathed new life into the genre, and the TV adaptation comes with all the suspense and drama you’ve come to expect. A sixth season is coming in 2020.


High-octane action meets rites-of-passage drama in this Prime-exclusive thriller. A young girl raised in the wilderness, Hanna draws on her whole life of training to fend off the pursuit of a CIA agent – one who knows the truth about where Hanna came from… Stream the first season now.

The Grand Tour

Follow the exploits of Clarkson, Hammond and May – now with a bigger budget. More cross-country races, more souped-up sports cars and all the mayhem they can handle. Watch as the three pioneers of motorised madness take to the road again in three series of this Prime Original.

How to get started

Now we’ve piqued your interest, let’s go through how to set up Amazon Prime on your TV:

  • Launch the Prime Video app from the bottom navigation menu
  • Once the app has loaded, sign in with your Amazon account details, or sign up
  • Search for your new favourite show by using the Magic Remote

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