Buying a new TV is a big investment – you want something that looks and sounds amazing and is built to last. Our NanoCell models are the best LED TVs we make at LG – designed for the future as much as today. 

But which one is right for you? Our guide reveals the best LG NanoCell TVs for movie lovers, sports fans, busy families and first-time buyers. 

What is NanoCell TV?

The pinnacle of LED TV at LG. NanoCell is one of the very best ways to watch everything from standard broadcast TV to the latest 4K movies and boxsets on Netflix. With support for various HDR formats and Dolby Atmos® sound built-in, LG NanoCell TVs are proofed for the future.

But which is right for you? 

Serious about home cinema

Enter the thrill of the chase in the latest Hollywood blockbuster or immerse yourself in the emotional pull of a critically acclaimed indie film. LG NanoCell TVs are one of the best ways to watch movies at home – here are the features that matter the most.

Features to love

  • Full Array Dimming: Enjoy deep, inky blacks for authentic night skies, with greater control of the TV backlight from our most advanced dimming tech
  • Dolby Atmos®: Cinematic sound that flows around you. From whirring helicopters to crashes of thunder – pair with an LG Supreme Soundbar
  • 4K Cinema HDR: See movies as the director intended with support for HDR formats including Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and more
  • NanoCell Colour: The bright red and blue of Spiderman will pop from your screen. NanoCell tech filters colour to ensure it’s accurate, even and pure.
  • AI Picture: Get the best picture settings for every movie. NanoCell TV detects what you’re watching and adjusts the picture for optimal viewing
  • AI Brightness: Watch movies day and night. Screen brightness is adjusted according to the light conditions in your room.
  • Big screen: With a narrow bezel (that’s the frame) and huge screen size options, NanoCell brings the cinema home

Recommended TV – LG SM90 (75-inch)

The SM90 combines the above and more in a huge 65 or 75-inch screen for the ultimate home cinema. Hear Dolby Atmos® with even more oomph, with powerful 40w speakers.
 Soak up deep black colours with our most advanced dimming technology. Browse the SM90.

Armchair football fan

Football is coming home. See the fastest passing movies in clear motion, the beads of sweat on players’ faces. Watch the action unfold from any angle. LG NanoCell TVs are one of the best ways to watch football at home – here are the features that matter the most. 

Features to love

  • Dolby Atmos®Sky Sports shows top-flight football in Atmos. Feel the roar of the crowd unfold around you – combine with LG Supreme Soundbar.
  • NanoCell Colour: The bright green pitch and blue skies are vibrant, even and accurate - NanoCell tech filters colours to make pure.
  • 4K HFR: Fast-paced action – such as tiki-taka passing – stays smooth. NanoCell TVs process up to 120 frames per second (FPS) – far higher than the broadcast standard.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: Friends over for the match? Get the same picture quality no matter where you sit – even when at the side of the room.
  • AI Brightness: Sunday football in May. As the sun shines in, the screen automatically adjusts to suit the light conditions.

Recommended TV – LG SM86 (65-inch)

The SM86 is the perfect TV for matchdays with friends. It comes in a range of screen sizes to suit rooms big and small – from 49-inch to 75-inch. Speakers with 20w of power (40w for the 75-inch model) bring Dolby Atmos® home.. Browse the SM86.

Busy family

Family TVs must be good all-rounders. From being easy to use and catering for everyone’s taste, to doing justice to movie nights at home. All without breaking your budget. LG NanoCell TVs are one of the best options for a family TV – here are the features that matter the most. 

Features to love

  • TV Apps: Catch up on Netflix boxsets and movies on Sky Store. Switch between live TV and YouTube. Do it all from one simple home-screen.
  • Different size options: How big is your living room? LG NanoCell TVs range from 49-inch to 76-inch, so you can get the right one for your home.
  • Sophisticated design: Complement your interiors with the minimalist design – the bezel (frame around the screen) is so thin you can barely see it.
  • Voice control: Use the power of LG AI, and Google Assistant and Alexa, to find what you want to watch or check the weather.
  • Local Dimming: Movie nights on the sofa will be more atmospheric with deeper black colours created by better backlight control.
  • Dolby Atmos®: Save money on family cinema trips with the cinematic sound of Atmos - add an LG Supreme Soundbar for the best experience.

Recommended TV – LG SM85

Enjoy the picture quality of our NanoCell TVs without going over budget. Screen sizes range from 49-inch to 65-inch. This is our lowest-priced TV to include Dolby Atmos®, with slightly less powerful 20w speakers. Browse the SM85.

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