Buying a new TV is a big decision. Choose an LG OLED and you will have invested in your future as well as today.

OLED are the best TVs we make at LG. Each one delivers the optimum way to experience 4K HDR – whether on Netflix or Sky Sports – complemented by powerful Dolby Atmos® sound.

But which LG OLED is right for you? We hand-pick our favourite models for movie lovers, sports fans, and busy families.

What is OLED TV?

OLED is completely different to your regular TV. Latest screen technology means there’s no bulky backlight. The picture is created by self-lighting pixels that can completely switch off – creating deep black colours. LG is officially the world’s best-selling OLED brand. But which one is best for you?

Serious about home cinema

Immerse yourself in your favorite film, recreating the full cinema experience in your own home. Hollywood directors say LG OLED TVs present their masterpieces how they want them to be seen. These are the features that make LG OLED ideal for watching movies at home.

Features to love

  • Perfect Black: Switching off pixels means no light is emitted. With LG OLED, director Rob Legato can experience the “really rich deep blacks I had in my head” – and so can you. 
  • Dolby Atmos®: Cinematic sound unfolds around you with object-based audio. From dramatic car chases to epic film scores. Pair with an LG Supreme Soundbar
  • 4K Cinema HDR: See your favourite movies as the director intended with support for HDR formats like HLG, HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Technicolour. 
  • Netflix: Get a great Netflix experience* with the built-in app. Enjoy awesome audio when watching Netflix box-sets and movies that have Dolby Atmos. (*Netflix subscription required).
  • AI Brightness: Watch your favourite movies on a sunny afternoon. Sensor technology adjusts your TV picture to suit the light in your room. 
  • AI Sound: Stereo sound is upgraded to 5.1 virtual surround sound. Get the audio epic movies deserve – from the Great Plains to the battlefield. 

Recommended TV – LG OLED E9

Movies look incredible on the E9. Our most advanced TV brain – the a9 processor – creates defined characters and backgrounds refined of noise. Enjoy red carpet design, the screen bonded to a transparent pane of glass. Front-firing speakers throw 60w of power into your room – getting the best of Dolby Atmos®. Browse the LG OLED E9

Armchair football fan

Catch every pass, tackle and goal, while feeling the stadium roar from the comfort of your own armchair. LG OLED TVs render fast-paced action smoothly and retain colour at wide angles. This makes them one of the best ways to watch football at home.

Features to love

  • Dolby Atmos®The roaring crowd. Shouting players. Hear sound at its source with Dolby Atmos® on Sky Sports – pair with an LG Supreme Soundbar
  • LG Perfect Colour: Green pitches and blue skies. Colour is incredible with the power of self-lighting pixels – especially against the perfect black of OLED.
  • 4K HFR: Super High Frame Rates (HFR) deliver smooth, blur-free motion, whether you’re watching a rapid counter-attack or fast, free-flowing football.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: Colour remains accurate no matter where you’re sat. Put your mate in the corner chair and feel no guilt with the wide viewing angle.
  • AI Brightness: The biggest games are on Sunday afternoons. Now, your TV automatically adjusts the picture to suit the light in the room. 
  • AI Sound Tuning: Sound is flowed around obstacles in your room – such as coffee tables, bookcases and even pizza boxes. 

Recommended TV – LG C9

With screen sizes from 55 to 77-inch, there’s an LG C9 TV for your room. Our most powerful TV brain – the a9 processor – delivers incredibly accurate colour and plays content at 120 frames per second – keeping the most frantic football smooth. Browse the C9 range

 Busy family

Family TVs must be hard workers – able to shift from movie nights to Netflix in a heartbeat. All while staying in budget.

LG OLED TVs are our very best. They make excellent family TVs, with three models to suit different budgets and needs. These are the features that matter most.

Features to love

  • Smart TV Apps: Streaming services such as Netflix* and Amazon Prime Video* are increasingly popular. Get them on your LG OLED TV with built-in apps (* subscriptions required).
  • Viewing Angle: Everyone can enjoy the same picture quality no matter where they’re sat. No need to argue over anything but the remote.
  • 4K HDR: Get the best from Netflix, Amazon Prime and Blu-ray, whether you’re streaming a series or watching a family movie together. 
  • Design: OLED complements any room. Pencil thin and with premium materials, they sit almost flush against your wall when mounted.

Recommended TV – LG B9

The most affordable way to enjoy OLED picture quality. The LG B9 range delivers all the main features, including Perfect Black, Dolby Atmos® and 4K HDR. The a7 processor and 40w speakers are slightly less powerful than other models but still offer incredible images and sound. Browse the B9 range

Discover the full LG OLED TV range and learn more about the technology with our guide to OLED TV.