Waves crash against the sea wall. Planes thunder overhead. An engine roars as the driver accelerates and leaves his challenger for dust.

Movies are as much about sound as vision. Experience the audio such exciting visuals deserve with Supreme – our best-ever range of LG soundbars and an excellent Dolby Atmos soundbar option. 

What is a soundbar?

Modern TVs are super-thin and lack the depth to house large speakers. Soundbars are the easiest way to make your TV louder without investing in bulky speakers.

Soundbars – discover everything you need to know.

Why LG Supreme Soundbars?

Because we’ve made our best soundbars better. Working with two of the biggest names in home audio – Dolby and Meridian Audio – our new Supreme LG Soundbars are:

  • Louder, with more powerful speakers
  • Engineered by Hi-Fi pioneers, Meridian Audio
  • Built to get the best of cinematic Dolby Atmos®
  • Designed to fit specific LG TVs 
  • Voice controlled by Google Assistant and Alexa

What’s inside? 

We have built three Supreme LG Soundbars. The SL10, the SL9 and the SL8. They range in power from 440W to 570W* and have a minimum of five speakers inside, with a separate sub-woofer speaker. 

  • Left and right speakers pump out Stereo sound
  • Side speakers deliver Dolby Atmos sound
  • Additional centre speaker (SL10

*wattage varies by model

Designed to match your TV

At LG we understand that design is as important as sound quality. That’s why each of our soundbars are built to slot alongside a particular-sized TV.

  • SL10 designed for 65-inch TV 
  • SL9 designed for 55-inch TV
  • SL8 designed for 49-inch TV

Choose an LG OLED C9 TV and your Supreme LG Soundbar will slot right onto the stand, with our Perfect Match design. 

For the ultimate in minimalist chic go for our SL9 – the soundbar can be mounted to sit flat against your wall in line with your TV.

Engineered by Meridian Audio 

Meridian is one of the biggest names in home audio. Its sound systems – hand-built in England – are found inside New York penthouses, Jaguar Land Rover cars and LG soundbars.

They use psychoacoustics to understand how we hear music. The aim? To transport you to the gig, movie studio or football stadium without leaving your sofa.

  • Meridian engineers analyse every Supreme LG Soundbar
  • Sound is projected at head height – like a gig
  • Bass and sound outperforms the speaker size 
  • You can hear every detail and nuance

Dolby Atmos – the future of home cinema 

Dolby Atmos is the latest in surround sound. It’s found in the world’s best cinemas and in LG Supreme Soundbars.

It’s the best way to experience the latest Hollywood blockbusters, boxsets and football matches.

Dolby Atmos sound…

  • Creates sound that flows all around you 
  • Even from overhead
  • Can place and move individual sounds

In the cinema, myriad speakers are built into the walls and ceiling. Our Dolby Atmos soundbars bring the experience home. Additional upward-firing speakers bounce sound off the ceiling to create the effect of sound coming from overhead. 

“That gives a compelling experience of those overhead sounds that content creators have decided to position overhead, like the helicopter flying above in an action movie,” says Rob France, Head of Home Content Engineering at Dolby.

Create a full home cinema with rear speakers 

The ultimate way to experience Dolby Atmos sound is by adding wireless rear speakers – delivering cinematic surround sound from behind. All Supreme LG Soundbars are compatible with the SPK8 speakers.

Experience music like it sounded in the studio 

Love the convenience of streaming but miss the quality of vinyl and CDs? You can stream better-than-CD quality music through high resolution audio services like Tidal.

However, you can only hear the added quality if you have the right speakers. LG Supreme Soundbars are engineered by Meridian – the pioneers of high-resolution audio.

High-resolution audio tracks require 24-bit or higher. More bits means more detail has been captured from the original studio recording. 

With 24-bit sampling on LG Supreme Soundbars, you can enjoy your favourite albums as they were recorded in the studio. Experience every nuanced note in authentic detail. 

Choosing my Supreme LG Soundbar 

There are three Supreme LG Soundbars available in the range: 

  • The SL10 is the biggest and most powerful – with 570W and an additional centre speaker for five overall. 
  • The SL9 has 500W of power and four speakers.
  • The SL8 is designed for smaller rooms and TVs – with 440W of power.

Bring movies and live sport to life with your perfect soundbar.