LG’s world first 88” OLED 8K TV was introduced at IFA 2018, wowing tech journalists and enthusiasts the world over. This year, 8K is looking even more stunning than before. But with multiple 8K TVs being released at IFA, what sets LG apart?

Real 8K resolution

Let’s get techy; what is 8K resolution? Pixels are not the only indicator of good resolution. In fact, if the display is poorly designed, it won’t matter how many pixels it has – because they may not be clearly distinguishable from each other.

The International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM) was established to help create a standard for resolution so consumers know what they are getting when purchasing a TV. The ICDM has established that entertainment providers should use contrast modulation rather than pixel count when describing a TV’s benefits. Check out more info on this here

LG has completed testing using the ICDM display standards, and passed with flying colours, in the 90% range. This satisfies the industry standard by a wide margin. When you choose an LG 8K TV, you’re getting real 8K.

Endless possibilities of OLED

From flexible panels to TVs that simply roll away, to the potential to have TV's as thin as a credit card, other companies are jumping on board the OLED bandwagon fast. Put this together with LG’s first-of-its-kind 8K technology and the sky is the limit.

The perfect blacks of OLED

Check out below and you can see just how amazing OLED looks when an image has elements of black in it. With 8K resolution you can be sure you are getting the most lifelike picture possible.

The LG SIGNATURE 8K OLED TV was the star of the show at IFA 2019, and with perfect blacks, every image looked as the director intended | More at LG MAGAZINE
More 8K options

OLED isn’t LG’s only 8K option, with NanoCell also showcasing the innovation of the brand. NanoCell TVs are famous for their creation of pure colours – and coupled with real 8K resolution, the possibilities are endless.

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