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CES 2017: The amazing floating speaker LG PJ9

By LG Germany 08.01.2017

An image of new LG floating wireless speaker

At CES 2017, one of the major highlights was the amazing LG Levitating Portable Speaker, a sophisticated new sound-reproducer PJ9. This wireless speaker actually hovers directly over the Levitation Station, which serves as a subwoofer at the same time.

Thanks to powerful electromagnets, the PJ9 is able to float above the levitation station and is activated by the push of a button. Therefore, the speaker does not come into contact with any surface or cable when in use. The heart of the system is a 360-degree loudspeaker whose design is inspired by turbine blades. The subwoofer installed in the levitation station provides all the necessary pressure in the bass area. LG also uses double passive spotlights in the PJ9 to produce rich mids and crisp trebles.

The battery in the PJ9 has a runtime of about 10 hours and when the charge runs down, the loudspeaker automatically lowers to the levitation station and recharges wirelessly without interfering with it or interrupting the music. The PJ9 complies to protection class IPX7 and can withstand the most adverse weather conditions. To further enhance convenience and versatility, LG has equipped the PJ9 with Multipoint Technology – allowing you to pair the speaker with two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

The 360-degree loudspeaker also comes as a stand-alone version without a levitation station and there is also a version that includes radio.

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