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CES 2018: The world's most stunning spectacles come to life on the LG OLED Canyon.

By T. RO 17.01.2018

LG presented new lg oled canyon to bring the most stunning oled experience at lg ces 2018 showing Haleakala.

How do you immerse yourself in various natural wonders of the world in just a matter of seconds? By taking a trip through the wildly impressive LG OLED Canyon.

Let's go on a little journey. The first stop will be the frosty Columbia Icefield. In a flash, you will be briskly transported to the cascading Iguazu Falls then teleported to the labyrinthine Antelope Canyon. Just as swiftly, you're placed right in the heart of the serene and magnificent Redwood National Park. Final Destination: float among the clouds in the majestic Haleakala sunrise as you soak in nature's radiance.

As the world witnessed the world's largest natural wonders with the LG OLED Canyon at CES 2018, one could not help but naturally wander around in awestruck admiration at the astonishing visuals displayed on the 246 winding LG OLED displays. LG never fails to impress when it comes to displays and CES attendees were treated to a feast of displays never seen before.

This 90-foot meandering LG OLED Canyon features 90 concave and 156 convex open frame LG OLED displays. That means your eyes are treated to the brilliant and unrivaled 2 billion self-emissive OLED pixels.

The breathtakingly life-like and mesmerized images stunned audiences, and complemented with the heart-pounding Dolby Atmos audio, the term immersive was taken to a whole new level. The sights coupled with the sounds truly captivated and stunned audiences to the point, security had to direct congested traffic.

If you suddenly notice the frequency and regularity of incredible photos and videos of impressive scenery in your SNS feeds, there is a good likelihood that people are posting pictures taken at this exhibit. Thousands of people were hanging out at the LG OLED Canyon to post pictures and videos to Instagram and Snapchat. 

LG OLED is the undisputed champion of displays and the LG OLED Canyon reminded everyone why. Perfect blacks that are aided by organic light emitting diodes, accurate and life-like colors, infinite contrast make this TV the best in its class. The wide angle viewing capabilities also enable viewers to take in the screen up to 60 degrees off center while not experiencing any degradation of the images.

Ever the leader in innovation and pioneering technology, the LG OLED also has showcased a prototype of an OLED display that can be rolled up like a giant poster. This is the first such TV of its kind and is frankly jaw-dropping and unprecedented technology. It is truly the first of its kind.

Remember almost throwing out your back as you were trying to carry that heavy TV screen up to your apartment with a friend? Can you imagine just rolling up a 65 inch OLED screen and carrying it around like it's an art project? Almost impossible to believe.

One wonders how but LG continues to push the boundaries of innovation in display technology. And nothing quite encapsulated the awesome capability and range of LG OLED display technology than the show-stealing LG OLED Canyon at CES 2018.

Las Vegas is a spectacle of lights and visual wonders, yet visitors by the thousands could not stop flocking to the LG OLED Canyon. This dazzling spectacle will long remain in the memories of those lucky enough to witness it. But many also left excited; knowing they could now take a piece of this magical memory and have it be sitting right in the middle of their living room.