CES 2019 is back, and as ever, LG gave visitors an exciting look at the future.

The anticipated line up included everything from jaw-dropping 8K OLED TVs to a beer brewing machine (seriously!).

The products were so spectacular that LG won more than 140 CES-related awards. Publications like TechRadar, Engadget, Reviewed.com and many others honored the stunning and innovative technology. Their futuristic Rollable TV in particular won a staggering 71 awards, even scooping Engadget’s Best of CES 2019 winner. Here’s what turned heads at the annual tech display.


LG’s Rollable TV is the ultimate viewing experience. Want to change the aspect ratio? No problem. The clever screen can resize itself for optimal enjoyment. Want the entire screen to disappear? Simply have the TV roll up like a scroll for safekeeping.
The Rollable TV offers the dazzling OLED picture that you expect from LG, with the convenience of discreet storing.
More about the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R.


Visitors were stunned last year when LG unveiled the world’s first 88” 8K OLED TV. It’s back this year at CES with an equally gorgeous companion – the 75” NanoCell 8K TV. It takes everything you love about the 8K resolution and adds color-boosting NanoCell technology. The result? Mind-blowing colors and superior picture quality.

LG Smart Watch W7

LG also showcased the first Android smartwatch with mechanical hands. The LG Smart Watch W7 combines the elegance of a classic wristwatch with modern features like WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility.

Plus, it can last 100 days on a single charge. With Swiss hardware at its core, and cutting-edge LG technology, you don’t have to sacrifice sophistication for functionality.

The new LG W7 has all the features of a modern smartwatch, balanced out perfectly with real hands | More at LG MAGAZINE
LG V40ThinQ

The LG V40ThinQ phone is truly in a class of its own. Its sleek design packs five different cameras – three rear-facing and two front-facing. The rear cameras have three different lens angles, including the impressive 16MP wide angle lens and telephoto zoom. And perfect colors are standard with the phone’s brilliant 6.4” OLED panel.

The LG V40ThinQ isn’t just for photographers though. Sound lovers are sure to love the heart-thumping bass from the BoomBox speaker and surround sound. You’re guaranteed a symphony, whether you prefer headphones or not. And the V40ThinQ’s amazing features were also recognised by CES, winning the best innovation category award for 2019, as well as being honored by the Consumer Technology Association.

LG launched its V40ThinQ at CES 2019, and the phone's innovative photography features had everyone talking | More at LG MAGAZINE
CLOi area

LG gave visitors a taste of the CLOi robot range last year, making it easy to see how useful (and cute!) these robots would be in real life. This year, LG demonstrated the full suite of CLOi robots in their natural habitats. GuideBot helped someone find a store in the mall. SuitBot did the heavy lifting in a warehouse. Though some CLOi robots are still concepts at this stage, they all make for an exciting future.

ThinQ area

The LG ThinQ range is the home of the future. With other smart homes, you give a command and an appliance performs it. But ThinQ goes further. It understands what you truly want. Take laundry for example. Instead of just running the washing machine for you, the ThinQ appliance will recommend the optimal cycle based on the load you’ve put in.

More about the ThinQ.

The LG ThinQ zone had it all, from CLOi Home to smart washing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerator and even a beer making machine | More at LG MAGAZINE
LG SIGNATURE – Artist area

LG SIGNATURE added three new products to its high-end home appliance range – a wine cellar, a dryer, and a bottom-mounted freezer. LG SIGNATURE is a showcase in great design. So why not celebrate it by having a famous designer create an art installation inspired by the appliances? Jason Bruges’ ambient display included glass droplets of water surrounding the LG air purifier, and a crystal wall backdrop for new fridge.


It’s time to brew beer in a smarter way. LG’s latest concept project, HomeBrew, offers an automated, personalized beer brewing experience from the comfort of your own kitchen. Since the HomeBrew appliance is connected to a mobile app, you can monitor the process from start to finish. What could be more satisfying than kicking your feet up with a homemade pint? Even CES thought it was pretty amazing, handing HomeBrew a home appliance award.

The process for the LG Homebrew is similar to brewing your own beer, but the hard work is taken out of the process | More at LG MAGAZINE
New Gram releases

LG’s latest Gram Laptop additions are a traveler’s dream. The 14-inch convertible model changes from laptop to tablet with ease. And the 17-inch model slips effortlessly into your travel bag – weighing just three pounds (1.3kg). Both models were winners of the CES computer hardware award. And of course, they have the long battery life and easy portability that you expect from the Gram. But don’t let the light weight fool you – these durable laptops passed US Military MIL-STD-810G standard testing.

The new LG Gram laptops were launched at CES 2019, with two models to make travelling with a laptop easier than ever | More at LG MAGAZINE
When can I get my hands on these products?

Some are already available from your favorite retailers. For everything else, check back with LG Magazine for the latest release dates and product info.

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LG at CES award highlights

Top awards earned by LG at CES 2019 included:

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R: Engadget: Best of CES, PC Mag: Best of CES, Reviewed.com: Editor's Choice Award, SlashGear: Editor's Choice Award, Techlicious: CES Top Picks, Popular Mechanics: Best of CES 2019, Tom's Guide: Best in Show 2019, TechRadar: The Best Tech at the Show, Pocket-lint: Best of CES, HD Guru: Best in Show, CTA Mark of Excellence: Video Display Product of the Year, and CES® 2019 Innovation Award winner

LG 8K OLED TV: TechRadar: The Best Tech at the Show and CES® 2019 Innovation Award winner

LG gram 17-inch: Reviewed.com: Editor's Choice Award, Techlicious: CES Top Picks, Windows Central: Best of CES and CES® 2019 Innovation Award winner

LG gram 2-in-1: Trusted Reviews: Best of CES

LG Sound Bar (SL9YG): CES® 2019 Best of Innovation award, HD Guru: Best of CES

LG Styler: CES® 2019 Innovation Award winner

LG HomeBrew: CES® 2019 Innovation Award winner

LG V40 ThinQ smartphone: CES® 2019 Best of Innovation award

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