It all started with the need to showcase LG’s extraordinary SIGNATURE line and to create a premium shopping experience to do it justice. LG SIGNATURE is about the essence of life, about decluttering all the unnecessary elements and filtering it down to the absolute essentials.

We took the same approach and applied it to showcase LG in Germany’s most Iconic Stores. Designers were challenged to reduce the store to the essentials, while keeping it premium, meaningful and desirable. 


The first of which has already opened its doors and can be visited in Berlin’s most exclusive department store—Kaufhaus des Westens—aka KaDeWe. With over 60,000 square meters of selling space, KaDeWe is the second largest department store in Europe and showcases only the world’s most luxurious brands. Built in 1907 by famed architect Emil Schaudt, KaDeWe became immediately a symbol of bourgeoisie Berlin and a mandatory stop for bohemians looking for the finest goods from around the world.

People in the restaurant which like a stage.

In 1956, KaDeWe was reborn from the ashes and immediately became an emblematic symbol of the regained economic power of West Germany and a bulwark of the Wirtschaftswunder economic boom. It is with great pleasure and pride that LG SIGNATURE is one of the selected few electronics brand present at KaDeWe.

Apart from Berlin, you can find the perfect symbiosis between LG SIGNATURE and Germany’s most iconic stores in the “Fleiner Stuttgart”, the “Clic Hamburg”, the “Thonnet Frankfurt” and soon in the “Oberpollinger Munich”. Soon, one store will be located in every major European city, carefully designed to capture the unique essence and atmosphere of each location. 

In the store, visitors can expect to exclusively find innovative LG SIGNATURE products, like the Wallpaper TV (LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W), the innovative LG SIGNATURE InstaView Door-in-Door™ refrigerator which lets you see what’s inside with a simple knock-knock on the screen, the sleek LG Air Purifier, which uses a powerful blast of water to purify the air or the dynamic LG SIGNATURE TwinWash that allows you to wash two loads simultaneously.

Stay tuned for new openings and be sure to take a look at our LG SIGNATURE line at the iconic KaDeWe. 

Life’s Good!