Would you like a smartphone that manages your life in an instant? A smartphone that can be smarter than you at handling all the small, mundane parts of your everyday life. Welcome to the new revolution in Artificial Intelligence. LG is all set to unveil its new V30S ThinQ smartphone – the V30 but even better. While the V30 will be updated to have near identical features as the V30S ThinQ, this second iteration is one that you will definitely want to find out more about. The LG V30S ThinQ puts the mobile at the centre of your universe and makes everyday life easier with meaningful Artificial Intelligence.

An image of LG booth at MWC 2018, crowd are experiencing a brand new lg v30s thinq.

So what are the other advantages of the upgraded V30S ThinQ over the V30? The new phone has RAM of 6GB and 128GB storage, allowing for increased performance. And while your favourite colour for the V30 might have been Raspberry Rose, you won't be disappointed by the new hue upgrades of the V30S ThinQ phone - choose from the new Platinum Grey and new Moroccan Blue. The phone also features everyone's favourite OLED display, making it easier to entertain yourself with games and movies featuring perfect contrast levels, deep blacks and perfect saturated colours.

But what about the camera, you ask? What's a phone without a good quality camera? Absolutely right! We've made sure that the V30S ThinQ smartphone does not lack in that department in any way. You will never have to worry about getting dark looking pictures in low light conditions with the more powerful Bright Mode. A family photo in a restaurant with poor lighting? Done. What about taking a picture with your friends at a concert? Yep, we've got you covered. Whatever the lighting conditions, the V30S ThinQ smartphone camera can handle it!

LG's great AI ThinQ technology saves a great deal of time with its visual search. Imagine you want to shop for something online, all you need to do is take a photo of the item -  maybe you want to replace a pair of your old favourite shoes. Click a quick photo of those shoes with the Qlens feature on your phone and tap "visual search". And in seconds, you will be able to shop for shoes online without having to type it in your browser's search bar. What's more, you can also use the ThinQ's voice command function to get more done in less time.

And let's not forget the enhanced sound qualities - you will only get music with true Hi Fi experience.

What's more, you can also use the ThinQ's voice command function to get more done in less time. These are just a couple of the many special features that the V30S ThinQ smartphone has to offer. The possibilities are endless with LG's new smartphone.

The LG V30S ThinQ smartphone will be unveiled very soon, stay tuned for more information.

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