It didn’t take very long for Netflix to become a verb: What do you want to Netflix tonight? That’s just one sign of how much we love our movie streaming—today, Netflix is one of the world’s leading internet television network. Pretty much everyone’s perfect Friday night in is your favourite Netflix line-up, a snack and someone to cuddle with. It’s pretty magical when you can be sitting on the couch in your PJs (the baggier the better) and find yourself transported somewhere entirely new.

Increasingly, rather than crowd around a laptop screen or fumble with cables, people are looking for TVs that are Internet-ready right out of the box. And, what’s better, some are coming Netflix-ready, too. In fact, Netflix has listed a handful of Netflix Recommended TVs, and for the third consecutive year, LG’s newest models have been awarded this designation. In 2017, for the third consecutive year, LG’s newest models have been awarded this designation.

So what makes a TV a Netflix Recommended TV? For one, content quality is key. Netflix offers a wide range of 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) programming, which make a huge difference in picture quality—but only if you can watch those programs on a 4K or HDR-compatible TV. That’s where LG customers are in luck: LG 4K TV displays are equipped for traditional HDR 10 content, but can also handle premium HDR content mastered by Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision HDR is applied scene-by-scene for a richer, more vivid experience. It’s not just about the quality of the view, it’s about the quality of the overall experience: The Netflix button on your remote and the icon in your menu make getting to Netflix fast and easy.

Netflix and your LG Smart TV: The perfect pair!

This summer, Netflix is releasing some highly-anticipated features which will also be available in Ultra HD 4K and HDR. Okja, Bong Joon-ho’s newest feature, has gotten glowing reviews and some have even called him “the new Spielberg” for his masterful storytelling. Tilda Swinton co-stars in the fantastical, rollicking adventure. If adventure is what you seek, Marvel’s The Defenders brings together four Marvel heroes on a mission to save New York, while GLOW serves up 80’s flair and a female wrestling league’s ferocity.

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