To celebrate Innofest in 2019 – our partners were invited to see the latest LG technology – a mansion in Madrid was transformed into a smart home, giving visitors the chance to taste a new way of living.

Every room in the mansion was seamlessly connected by smart appliances packed with ThinQ technology, making them easy to control through any LG smartphone or speaker.

Even though a fully smart home seems futuristic, all of these appliances are available now or will be very soon. The future is here, and it offers the ultimate in ease and comfort. 

Here’s a look around:

Living room

The LG SIGNATURE TV turned heads at CES 2019 with its show-stopping rollable screen. Now your TV can double as a piece of art. With its sharp 4K resolution, premium soundbar, and voice activation, your room will become a luxury home cinema.

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LG Air Conditioner

Finally there’s an air conditioner that knows just how you like it. The portable LG Air Conditioner learns your routines and sets the perfect temperature every time.


Most people would be shocked to see the air quality in their home. The LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier makes it easy to keep your home healthier by changing color depending on the air pollution level. Plus, you can control it right from your smartphone. 

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LG SIGNATURE InstaView Door-in-Door™ Refrigerator

The LG SIGNATURE InstaView Door-in-Door™ Refrigerator is as functional as it is beautiful. The unique ‘tap twice’ feature lets you see what’s in your fridge without ever opening the door, and you can control the temperature through your phone wherever you are.

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LG ProBake Convection® Range and Oven

LG ProBake Convection® Range and Oven makes food prep a breeze. You can even pre-heat the oven on your way home so it’s ready when you arrive. 

LG Top Control Smart wi-fi Enabled Dishwasher

With the LG Top Control Dishwasher, you can use your smartphone to start a cycle anywhere. And checking the status is easy with voice command technology.

LG HomeBrew

Imagine how impressed your friends will be when you serve them beer that you made. The LG HomeBrew makes easy to brew premium beer – whether you prefer an English Stout or a Czech Pilsner. And you can monitor progress on your phone.

XBoom Go 

The XBOOM Go speaker is a portable party. With Meridian speakers to create top quality sounds, and built-in mood lighting, it’s the perfect way to set the scene. It’s even voice controlled.

Laundry room
LG SIGNATURE 12KG TWINWash™ Washing Machine

LG developed the first washing machine that could do two different loads at the same time. Now that’s efficiency! It remembers your favorite settings, tells you how much electricity and water it uses, and reminds you to refill the detergent.

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LG Styler

The LG Styler lets you take cleaning clothes to the next level. It steams and sanitizes, getting rid of wrinkles and odors. 

Home theatre

When 4K just isn’t enough, you need LG’s 8K OLED TV. Unveiled earlier this year, critics described the picture quality as ‘jaw-dropping’. Guests at Innofest 2019 were able to get a taste of how impressive these TVs will be when released this summer. 

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The perfect theatre room, equipped with paper thin TV and a speaker system that's sure to send the perfect sound in the right directions | More at LG MAGAZINE
LG Objet

The truly discerning home owner will crave LG’s Objet range. It includes a TV, refrigerator, air purifier, and audio system. While other appliances are made to stand out, these custom-made appliances are made from wood and metal to blend in. They prove that smart products don’t have to look techy; they can fit effortlessly into any décor.

The ultimate LG smart home at InnoFest in Madrid, including a master bedroom with LG Objet furniture | More at LG MAGAZINE

LG’s mansion transformation proves that the home of the future really is here. Check out our ThinQ smart home appliance products to create your own connected home.

Check out all the hidden details of the LG home for yourself with a 360 degree tour here:

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