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Why LG NanoCell TV?


Make every seat in your living room the best seat with LG NanoCell. The future of 4K Ultra HD TV offers wider viewing angles and brings brighter colours to your favourite movies. Learn more…

Movie nights curled up on the sofa. Friends coming over for the big match. That new blockbuster game for your 4K console.

Special moments like these deserve the best TV. 

Introducing LG NanoCell – the future of 4K TV. 

What is NanoCell TV?

NanoCell is the very best LED TV we make at LG.

It takes the added depth and detail of 4K Ultra HD and makes it even better.

Viewing angles are massively increased so you can enjoy a superb picture wherever you sit. Colour is vibrant and pure – think the fresh green of a football pitch

How does NanoCell work?

Your TV picture is made up of pixels. The closer together these are, the better the picture. NanoCell TVs work by placing pixels super close – just one nanometre apart.

Light in the wrong places can reduce your picture quality. By placing pixels so close together, NanoCell TVs absorb unwanted light. This creates deep reds and greens – the RGB colours so important to picture quality. 

This enables your TV to create a picture with colour that is accurate, consistent and pure – even at wider viewing angles.

Find out more about NanoCell technology 

Why choose LG NanoCell? 6 benefits

1. Wide viewing angle for match days

You’ve invited friends over to watch the match. People viewing a regular TV from the side – for example the corner armchair – experience distorted colours. 

Not so with LG NanoCell. Picture quality is retained – even at a 90° angle. With pixels so close together, colours are accurate, natural and consistent across the whole screen – no matter where you sit.

With wide viewing angle and NanoCell colour technology, the pitch stays an even, bright green and players’ shirts richly detailed. Take the sweet spot on the sofa and feel no guilt. 

2. Atmospheric movies with Full Array Dimming

You’re watching an atmospheric movie. Something with dark cityscapes or stormy seas. The lights are low. The mood, tense. But the action on screen is more grey than black. 

This is because LED TVs use a backlight to create a picture. This can lead to what’s called light bleed, when light is not completely blocked. 

Not so with LG NanoCell. 

It has far greater control over its backlight thanks to Full-Array Dimming. Hundreds of tiny LEDs directly behind the picture separate the screen into zones that can be controlled individually. 

So the part of the screen that needs to be black – the dark city night or deep space – is black, not grey. Fully immerse yourself in the action. 

3. The best of 4K content at your fingertips

New boxsets on Netflix and Amazon, as well as top-flight football on Sky and BT, are best watched in 4K.

4K offers 4 times the detail of HD, and it’s slowly becoming the new normal.

Most of today’s new TVs are 4K-ready, and the BBC is even beginning to broadcast in the resolution. 

LG NanoCell TVs are among the very best ways to watch 4K content. LG 4K Ultra HD TVs achieved Netflix Recommended TV status in 2017 and 2018. The list for 2019 is yet to be revealed.

What can I watch on my LG TV? Guide to Netflix and Amazon 

4. Get the best from HDR content

HDR (or high dynamic range) works hand in hand with 4K to transform the experience of watching TV and movies at home. 

The video format has been embraced by Netflix, Sky, and Ultra HD Blu-ray among others. HDR brings brighter whites, deeper blacks, and all the nuanced shades in between, to your TV. Experience over one billion colours.

LG NanoCell TVs get the best from HDR. Compatible with most formats – HDR 10, Dolby Vision and HLG – you can enjoy the widest range of HDR content. 

Not only that - NanoCell screen technology and Full Array Dimming are the perfect platform for the added detail and colour of HDR. 

5. Cinematic sound of Dolby Atmos®

You’re sat on the sofa ready for movie night. You’ve got the popcorn and hit the lights. But your TV’s sound just cannot match the cinematic experience.

LG NanoCell TVs are compatible with Dolby Atmos® – the future of home cinema. Rather than coming through two left and right channels, sound flows all around you, so you feel like you’re in the thick of the action.

Combine a LG NanoCell TV with an LG Supreme Soundbar to experience Dolby Atmos® at its best, with upward firing speakers that bounce sound off your ceiling.

6. Fast-paced sport runs smoothly

You’re watching motor racing or playing a fast-paced game on your 4K console. The action is moving so fast it seems 

your screen can’t keep up – leading to a slight blurring effect.

Not so with LG NanoCell. Using the powerful a7 Gen 2 processor, LG Nano Cell TVs display fast-moving sport free of blur.

It’s all about the number of frames per second (fps) your TV can handle. Regular TV is broadcast at 30-60fps, but LG NanoCell TVs can handle up to 120fps. Even the fastest-paced action is rendered smooth on your TV. 

Choosing your NanoCell TV

NanoCell technology and Dolby Atmos® combined is the best way to watch Netflix boxsets, new movies and top-flight football on Sky Sports and BT Sport. 

Find out more about LG NanoCell TVs in our guide to the range. From our most affordable model to the very best – there’s a NanoCell TV for you.