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Perfection Realised:
LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator
Redefines the Meaning of Quality

With the Finest Technologies, Premium Materials and an Emphasis on Craftmanship, LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator Sets a New Standard for Excellence

Refrigerator Quality Beyond Comparison

An infographic picture showing the full body of LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator
Two images showing the difference of having InstaView Door in Door™ or not, between LG SIGNATURE and the others

InstaView Door-in-Door™

An innovative and thoughtful feature, InstaView Door-in-Door™ lets users see inside the fridge without having to open the door, delivering greater convenience and keeping the cool air right where it belongs. According to LG-conducted research into U.S. consumer behavior, a family of four opens their refrigerator on average around 66 times per day. Almost half the time, family members are just glancing inside without taking anything out. With InstaView Door-in-Door™, two quick knocks on the front of the fridge turn the sleek mirrored-glass panel transparent, making it quick and easy to check what’s inside without letting the temperature-controlled air out.

132 out of 66 are unnecessary door openings.

Product Development

Image explaining that development period of LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator is two times longer than others. And image explaining that the number of engineers involved in developing LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator is four times more than others

Standing apart from the crowd, LG SIGNATURE takes an uncompromising approach to product design. LG SIGNATURE allots around twice the amount of time that other companies designate for product development – and four times the number of engineers and designers – in order to maintain the purity of its vision and the highest standards of excellence. The time and resources the brand commits to its appliances is clearly evident in the polished perfection of the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator.

Perfection Through

Image explaining how engineer inspects LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator perfectly through precise craftsmanship

Built with the care, patience and skill synonymous with true craftmanship, LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator is precision engineered to deliver the level of performance and durability that discerning consumers demand. Like all LG SIGNATURE products, the refrigerator is put through a rigorous inspection process with an expanded range of tests.

  • 1The production of each LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator is undertaken with the expertise and care that a master craftsman would apply to his bespoke creations.
  • 2LG SIGNATURE caps the number of refrigerators it produces at 25 units per day. This is to give each product the time and attention necessary to ensure the highest quality possible.
  • 3A thorough 24-hour-long temperature inspection is conducted according to LG SIGNATURE’s internal testing methodology, which is far more exacting and stringent than that applied by most appliance-makers.
  • 4A unit with even the tiniest, most-invisible of scratches won’t pass LG SIGNATURE’s quality control. Because only perfect is good enough.

Premium Materials

LG SIGNATURE is committed to using premium materials for the strength, durability and timeless elegance they bring to its luxury appliances.

Image showing every panels of LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator InstaView glass by layers

InstaView feature

Made from triple pane glass - reinforced tinted glass, low-e glass, reinforced glass - the door is highly energy efficient and exceptionally durable. The argon-filled glass helps the fridge maintain a perfectly cool internal temperature.

Image showing that the 304 stainless steel is used inside and out for LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator

Type 304 stainless steel & Non-Directional Hairline Method

LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator uses Type 304 stainless steel, inside and out, for its strong durability and resistance to corrosion. Brushed more than 100 times via a non-directional hairline method, the stainless steel boasts a premium look and feel and is perfectly in sync with LG SIGNATURE’s modern, minimalist design aesthetic. The time-intensive brushing process speaks to the attention to detail that differentiates the brand from the competition.

Image showing that the handle bar of LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator is made of aluminum

Aluminum Handlebar

Every aluminum handlebar is made with great care and attention, overseen by a highly-trained LG SIGNATURE production professional. Cool and comfortable to the touch, the handlebar embodies the brand’s skill in merging form with function.

LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator
InstaView Door-in-Door™


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