TV at its most intelligent with LG OLED

Hands-free Voice Control

Just say “Hi, LG”

Sure, we’ve still got time for the remote control. But voice is so much easier. Simply ask your TV to do stuff. Just say, "Hi, LG" to your LG OLED TV to get started.
It’s designed to recognise natural conversation, so you can speak just as you would with your friends and family.
It’s as natural as having a chat with your best friend over a coffee. And it’s going to make your life much, much easier.
LG ThinQ AI uses deep learning, so the more you use it, the better it gets.
Answer questions, find movies and shows, control smart home gadgets like lightbulbs and thermostats. All from your TV. All powered by your voice.

Woman lying on a sofa telling TV to lower the temperature with Home Dashboard on the TV screen

“Hi LG, set air conditioner temperature to 25.”

* The feature name on the settings may vary among TV OS versions.

Google Assistant and Apple AirPlay built in

Our latest LG OLED TVs are packed with tech to make your life easier. Whether that’s browsing the web, finding stuff to watch or switching on the lights in your smart home.
Enjoy enhanced entertainment with limitless choice – the Google Assistant, Alexa built-in,
Apple AirPlay 2, and HomeKit – on your ThinQ AI TV.

Wall-mounted TV showing LG OLED AI ThinQ logo on black background
the Google Assistant logo Alexa built-in logo
Apple AirPlay 2 logo Apple HomeKit logo

*Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit may not be available in some countries.
*Google is a trademark of Google LLC.

The Google Assistant

Do more with your TV

Get help while you watch. Quickly find and play your favourite shows, get answers to things
you want to know, and easily control your smart home devices.

Woman watching football on TV with friends and asking the Google Assistant what pizzerias are nearby

what pizzerias are nearby?

*Google is a trademark of Google LLC.

Alexa Built-in

Just ask, Alexa does the rest

Speak to Alexa through your LG TV to play games, check weather, control smart home devices,
and access more than 100,000 Skills and more. Make your life easier using Alexa routines to link several actions,
such as traffic updates, weather reports, and alarms, with one voice command.

Couple sitting on a couch asking Amazon Alexa to add laundry detergent to shopping cart

“Alexa, let’s play a game.”

AirPlay 2

AirPlay lets you do it all

Effortlessly stream, share and mirror your favourite content from your iPhone,
iPad or Mac. Play your favourites from the Apple TV app and other video apps, or
view photos right on your LG ThinQ AI TV.

Closeup of hand controlling TV with iPhone and TV showing an Apple TV+ content


Your home at your command

Use the Home app or Siri on your Apple devices to easily and securely control your ThinQ AI TV.
You can turn your TV on and off, switch inputs, and even change the volume.

Closeup of hand controlling TV with iPhone and TV showing an Apple TV+ content

*Watch Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet on Apple TV+ with a subscription.

Effortlessly control your home

Easily and conveniently control your smart home appliances and make them work together using just your voice.

Wall-mounted TV showing Home Dashboard and home appliance graphic logos underneath

*"Good Morning", "Good Night" are part of the built-in routine. "Movie Night" is an example of a routine you can customise yourself.
**The feature name on the settings may vary among TV OS versions.
***IoT devices are listed on the website below, and can be changed without prior notice.

Home Dashboard

Your control board
for everything connected

Keep everything connected in one place. Monitor and control your smart home devices directly
from the LG ThinQ AI TV using the easy and intuitive Home Dashboard.

Family sitting at a table with mother asking TV remaining time for the oven

*The feature name on the settings may vary among TV OS versions.
*IoT devices are listed on the website below, and can be changed without prior notice.

“Hi LG, what’s remaining time for oven?”

LG Routines

Streamline your morning
and bedtime routines

We live our lives by routines. But what if your tech could make those routines a little easier to remember?
LG ThinQ AI can work with your smart home appliances to handle boring everyday jobs with a simple voice command.
Use LG Routines to make it an everyday thing. For example, a bedtime routine will turn off your light,
turn down the air con and lock the doors – and all you’ll have to say is “Good Night”.

A woman in bed waking up in the morning (left) and with a baby at night (right)

Get TV and movie recommendations

After a hard day at work, it can be difficult to think of a TV show or movie to watch. ThinQ AI TV takes the hassle out of choosing by recommending the things it thinks you’ll love.
All you need to do is ask – for example, say ‘recommend me an action movie’ and it’ll give you some options. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy.

Closeup of a man choosing what to watch on TV with a remote control, with TV showing landscape

Sports Alert

Get live updates for football and more

Sport is a serious business, right? But you can’t always watch the game – even if you want to.
If you’ve lost control of the TV remote or the game isn’t being televised, you can still keep across the results and scores.
Sports Alert gives you live notifications about your favourite team – before, during and after games –
even when you're not watching sport on your TV.

Three people watching TV screen showing a scene from a fantasy movie with a Sports Alert

AI Recommendation

Ask your TV questions and make requests

Your TV is a lot smarter than you think. You can ask it questions, quickly find and play your favourite shows,
get recommendations for movies and boxsets, and easily control your smart home devices.
All from your LG OLED TV. no wonder we call them Smart.

Three woman eating sushi while one of them asks LG TV recommendations to watch

“Hi LG, recommend me something to watch.”