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What ís 'Widget Settings on Lock screen' for my LG G2 handset?

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  • Last Updated 08/06/2015

What ís 'Widget Settings on Lock screen' for my LG G2 handset?

functi Function

  • This feature enables you to register widgets onto the Lock Screen.
  • Up to 5 widgets can be added. Camera features can be turned on/off.


how to use How to use

  • Touch the clock part on Lock Screen and drag it from left to right. Then, the page on Lock Screen moves
  • Move to the page when + button for adding widgets are located Press + button and move to the screen where the widget
  • list is located Touch widgets to add, and they will be registered on Lock Screen

 ※ Camera on / off : Press + button to enter the widget list. Tick or un-tick the camera at the top to turn the widget on/off. (Here, the

     camera should be placed on the rightmost page on Lock Screen.)


widget 1

widget 2

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