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Why are my clothes shrinking/deforming?

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  • Last Updated 09/05/2015

Why are my clothes shrinking/deforming?




cause Cause


        ■ Certain fabrics may shrink or deform after drying.

            This should be specified on the clothing care label.


how to fix How to fix


        ■ Please ensure you follow the care labels.

            You can also select Wool/Delicate cycles for laundry that can easily shrink or deform.

            Some clothes can be washed but may shrink if dried.


          wool/delicate cycle


        ■ Fabrics that should not be dried

            Leather, Silk, stockings, tights, rubber bands or rubber products

            Electric blanket, starched cloth, blanket with more than 100mm of wool, or clothes indicated below:


clothing care tag




           Check the tag

          ※Please check the label before drying.

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