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Where can I find the PIN code of my SIM card?

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  • Last Updated 24/05/2016

Where can I find the PIN code of my SIM card?



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As SIM PINs relate to the Network SIM card rather than the handset, we as handset manufacturer are unable to confirm what your PIN might be.  This is because we do not make or manage SIM cards. 


However, we can give the following advice:


  • Please check the original documents that came with your SIM card (from your network service provider).
    The PIN code maybe different for each card. If you can not find the PIN please contact your network service provider.

  • Entering your SIM PIN incorrectly too many times can disable your SIM card, please take care when entering your PIN to prevent
    disabling you SIM card.

  • If you do disable your SIM card by entering the SIM PIN incorrectly too many times the SIM card can be re-enabled by entering a
    PUK code however like SIM PINs this is supplied by your network service provider.
    PUK codes can often be retrieved on-line from your network service providers website.

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