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Why does image clarity decrease when pictures are taken with Beauty Shot?

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  • Last Updated 06/05/2015

Why does image clarity decrease when pictures are taken with Beauty Shot?


Symptom Symptom

When I take photo using beauty shot, the image clarity decreases.


cause Cause


           This is due to the Beauty Shot function, which smoothes skin tones to create a

            brighter and flattering look.


how to fix How to use


               1. Tap Camera from the home screen.

               2. Tap Mode and select Beauty Shot.  
               3. Adjust to optimize settings for user’s skin tone before taking a photo.

               It is recommended to use the slider to the maximum for a softened image. 
              When photos are taken with slider to the maximum, the images will be brightened

               and blurred slightly overall,   therefore faces may not appear as clearly


              Note: Users do not have to use the Beauty Shot to the maximum when phones are

              taken in office or bright environments.


Beauty Shot Mode


Beauty Shot Example


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