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My Wifi connection doesn't seem to be working to well, anyway I can fix this?

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  • Last Updated 02/04/2015

Internet connection speed may vary depending on wireless internet line, speed spec, the number of users connected and

signal cancellation.

1) Internet line(wireless internet). Wireless routers generating Wi-Fi signals are connected to internet lines or wireless internet.

Depending on the lines connected to the internet, maximal Wi-Fi speeds may have limits.  
* Check out if the wireless router supports normal data speed.
* app can measure WiFi and 3G speeds. 

2) Speed spec. Wi-Fi protocols have developed in the order of 802.11b��g��a��n. 802.11n provides the best speed,

which cannot be used to the full if either the wireless router sending the signal or the smartphone receiving it

does not support the protocol. 

3) Number of users connected: Speed may drop when a number of users are connected to an AP.

4) Signal cancellation: Prevailing Wi-Fi signals around city centers cause crosstalks and fading, leading to disconnection or0

 aborted connection. 


5) Go to Settings >Network Connections > WiFi and try to connect to the WiFi network you want. If it fails to connect,

tap and hold the network and press forget. When the connection is located again enter the password and try to connect again.


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