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What are the different types of 3D TVs that LG currently do?

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  • Last Updated 02/06/2015

What are the different types of 3D TVs that LG currently do?

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LG currently do two types of 3D TVs. These are listed below with a brief description of how they work


All of LG’s LED and LCD TVs are classified as Passive 3D TVs, these are also known as Cinema 3D TVs (because they

use the same type of glasses). With the passive 3D TVs there is a filter across the front of the screen; this creates the 3D

image by directing light in two different directions. The 3D glasses are designed in a way that each lens is polarised

differently to the other, allowing only one direction of light through.


Generally used on LG Plasma’s, the Active 3D TVs work differently to the Passive 3D TVs. With the Active 3D TVs it is the

glasses that create the 3D. Often called Active shutter glasses, these receive a signal from the TV telling them which lens

requires to be open and which lens requires to be shut. This will match the image that is being shown on the screen at the

 time. The lenses open and close at a speed that is not noticeable by the human eye.

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